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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1989 Action / Adventure movie starring Patrick Swayze, Kelly Lynch, Sam Elliott More Cast

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Wanna see the real life filming location used for the town of 'Jasper' in the movie?

These scenes were actually shot at the town of Valencia, located in Valencia, S. California. Google Map

The club in the opening scene - The Bandstand - in which Dalton was hired from was not located in Atlanta but was located in Anaheim, CA. The club is still in operation today and is now called the Cowboy Boogie. The same club was used as the location for Sam Eliott's character's strip club where he was working, prior to signing on to help Dalton. I was the sound engineer at the Bandstand at that time and worked on the movie. [Thanks to Robert Frost]

The diner scene was filmed in Santa Clarita at a place known as the "The Office".

The scene when Dalton is going to his car after finding his friend stabbed on the bar, was filmed on 13th Street near Newhall/Valencia

Although we had received various reports of the main locations in Road House, Cody kindly wrote in to say that the scene where Dalton dodges the the man driving wildly while listening to music in his red mustang was shot outside Sanger, California. Also the barn that Dalton lived in and the house across the river that Brad Wesley lived in are located in Sanger, California and the river that runs between the two is the kings river. Randy Wenzel kindly confirmed that this was correct. The barn Swayze lived in, the house Brad Wesley lived in, the "swerve scene", etc. were all filmed outside of Sanger, CA. All located on Trimmer Springs Rd. His mother used to own the property that the big house is now on.

The Jasper scene, with the clock, was filmed in downtown Reedley, CA. [Thanks to Randy Wenzel]

The small diner where Patrick/Dalton takes Kelly at night and where Sam Elliott dances with Kelly while Patrick is yawning was called Bonnies grill or Bonnies cafe. You see the round sign of the name in the night scene. It was on Sierra hwy in canyon country ca. It was a small place. I lived down the street from it. Its not there no more but I think the address was 17827 sierra hwy canyon country, ca. And here's how I figured it out. If you watch the scene where Sam and Kelly dance during the day and you look out the window, you see a house across the street thru the curtains. And then if you street view the address you can see the same house across the street with the same windows today. And, across from the house its now a empty field. I think Bonnies was there. I left the area in the early 90s so Idk when it was tore down. Me and my mom used to eat there I remember the bread pudding they had. And I remember when they filmed the movie there. I walked down from my house and I actually met Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliott while they were filming the scene. I was 12. And my gf named her son Dalton after Patrick Swayze in the film. So the movie means alot to me. [Thanks to George Sanders]

The "Double Deuce" bar was on the corner of 12th St and arch St in Newhall ca. Its was an empty field then and still is now. They haven't built on it or anything, but you can see the long building that was in the background that used to say boats on it if you street view it. It doesn't say boats anymore. The double deuce was built on location for the movie. It was torn down after filming was over and so was "Reds Autoparts" store. Like I said I lived on sierra hwy at the time. They filmed so many movies on sierra hwy and in Newhall. A lot of old 80s movies and shows were filmed there. And I think also the town of Jasper where it was supposed to be filmed was actually downtown Valencia or a part of it. I lived and grew up in the area. R.I.P. Patrick Swayze. [Thanks to George Sanders]

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