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Thanks to Cem
One of the fired bartenders- the one who is caught pocketing money- is John Doe from the LA punk band X.
Thanks to Steve
This film is referenced in "Point Break" by Keanu Reeves' chararacter who says that, after following him all day, Bodhi (Swayze) dropped by "Patrick's Roadhouse". But John wrote in to point out that there is another possibility... Patrick's is a small restaurant on the PCH in Malibu, CA.
Thanks to Mike Helfield
"Ketchum", one of the thugs who walks into the bar, is played by actor Anthony De Longis. He plays the guy with the blade in the boot! I believe he is in real life an expert at stage fighting, and had a school in Los Angeles.
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The trailer contained a lot of footage that wasn't in the movie which was obviously excised before release. It would appear that the original script was even more philosophically inclined and the studio leaned more toward a straight action flick in the editing room. Swayze seems to like a bit of philosophy in his movies, which is why he may have been drawn to this role.
Thanks to Guillermo
Chris Latta (my favorite voice actor) who played Starscream on Transformers makes a cameo on this movie as the "Sharing Husband".
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Swayze's mom is Patsy Swayze, a choreographer whose resume includes credits on the films "Urban Cowboy" and "Thelma & Louise", in addition to being the creator of Houston Jazz Ballet Company. Swayze's dad Jesse, who died in 1982, made a living in the less glamourous but important field of engineering.
Thanks to jack
The blonde bartender at the Deuce is a once famous surfer named Corky (last name unknown) who once a made a well received light beer commercial in the early 80s. Also, the short hispanic dude who appears only for a second or two in Strodemeyer's auto lot with Wesley and the gang was famous kickboxer Benny "The Jet" Urquidez. He appears briefly and does not feature his martial talents for some reason.
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If "pain don't hurt" then why was Dalton wincing so badly after being shot ?
Thanks to Jon Gibson
When Dalton gets shot he may wince but that is because he was unprepared for it. When he gets stapled (where he says 'pain don't hurt'), he is prepared for it and can control his body's response to the pain. I myself can do this to a certain extent and it is a talent that people who have 'aspestos hands' can do, although they don't normally know that this is what they are doing.
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Wrestler cameo: Terry Funk as one of the dumb bouncers.
Thanks to Dubie
Jeff Healey since owned a bar in the Toronto area. He used to play there from time to time before sadly dying of cancer on March 2nd, 2008.
Thanks to Anonymous
Patrick S. is reading the book "Legends of the Fall" during the pool party.
Thanks to Randy
In the beginning band sequence, the drummer of the band is actually the late, great Randy Castillo, drummer for Ozzy Ozbourne from 1985 to 1993.
Thanks to russell simons
The character of Dalton is strongly based on a real-life ''cooler'' called Larry Hartsell.

A big man who was very tough ex- us forces he trained for many tears in Bruce Lee's combat system of Jeet Kune Do and indeed pioneered [controversially] grappling in this. For years Larry toured the roughest bars in canada and northern USA as a 'journeyman bouncer'. I believe he had some direct part in the choreography along with 'benny the jet'.

Notice Dalton often fights right-hand-forward [southpaw] which is the JKD way.
Thanks to joanne cochrane
The end fight scene with Patrick and Wesley's henchman was actually a real fight! Patrick's wife said in her book that they really hated each other.

Bogus Trivia

There's often fake stuff floating round, y'know? -Like the 'ghost boy' that can allegedly be seen in "Three Men And A Baby".

But, nothing bogus that we know yet for "Road House".
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