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Howard the Duck Filming Locations

AKA: Howard, a new breed of hero
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On Location

The scene where Howard is flying a plane through a city street was shot in Rio Vista, CA. Most of the high school students there (all 400 of them) ditched school to be extras in the film (the people standing in the streed behind the plane) [Thanks to Aaron Pippin]

The lab where Howard the duck is taken (the outside shots) were filmed at the Exploratorium near the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco California. Even though it takes place in Ohio the majority of the movie was filmed in San Francisco [Thanks to Liz]

-But Jen also wrote in to say that most of the scenes outside the lab were filmed at the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, not the Exploratorium, which is actually in the Marina District, no where near Golden Gate Park.

The scenes where Howard and his girl are in the back of the cab were filmed on Irving Street in the Inner Sunset around 9th Ave, the nearest neighborhood to the Academy of Sciences. [Thanks to Jen]

Our thanks to Trilkhai for writing in with the following awesome locations update:

All filming locations were in the SF Bay Area. Some I'm aware of as a local:

- The waterway that the Ultralight flies over is the Petaluma River in Petaluma, California.

- The waterfront street it takes off from in that scene is the intersection of Western Avenue & Water Street in Petaluma, CA

- The ultralight does a 360 degree loop around the Sears Point Bridge at Black Point (which the Petaluma River goes under)

- It finally lands in the fountain at the Fireman's Fund building in Novato, CA

- The 'Dynatechnics' building in the film is also the Fireman's Fund Building in Novato

- The cab scenes are filmed on Irving Street in San Francisco.

- The nuclear plant is actually Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating Station in Herald, CA

- When Howard gets off the bus and looks into a corner store's TV display, he's on 11th Street at Natoma in S.F.

Can you help? Do you know any of the Cleveland, Ohio filming locations used for Howard the Duck? [Please send them in]

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