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AKA: Howard, a new breed of hero
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Film facts for the 1986 Comedy movie starring Lea Thompson, Jeffrey Jones, Tim Robbins More Cast

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In the scene were Howard goes to see Beverly and her manager, "Ginger" is with his 2 buddies and they're talking about not getting the girls their money, the first guy with the long hair is from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", he was the guy that poses as a valet parker and takes the car for a ride. The other guy with dark brown hair is actually now a bigger, bald attorney on NBCs "Medium". The cop that was trying to get the other officers to go after Howard the whole movie, with the blonde hair, is Paul Guilfoyle, now in "CSI" as captain James Brass, the bald chief cop that always works with the unit.
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Howard the Duck made his debut in issue #19 of Marvel Comics' Adventure into Fear in 1973.

He would make a appearance in the first issue of Man-Thing in 1974, before becoming a back-up feature in Giant-Size Man-Thing issues 4 and 5, he then received his own comic in 1976, which would run until 1979 before becoming a black and white magazine that ran from '79 to '81.

Howard's comic was revived for two issues around the time the movie came out, his comic was revived two more times, in 2002 as part of Marvel's MAX line, a line made up of comics for mature readers, this second run lasted 6 issues, his third run ran for 4 issues from October 2007 to January 2008.
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Although the film ran like water off a duck's back at the box office it didn't diminish the career of Tim Robbins (Phil) who went on to become a major Hollywood heavyweight in acting and directing.
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Lea Thompson, who played Beverly can also be seen in all three "Back to the Future" movies.
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One of Lea Thompson's band mates is actress Holly Robinson-Peete from 21 Jump Street.
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Thomas Dolby got a cameo playing the bartender after working with the actresses playing the band in the film, Cherry Bomb, teaching them how to act like a proper band. The bulk of the soundtrack score ended up being done by John Barry, whilst Thomas only contributed the songs.
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Howard landed on Earth on 8 September, 1986. It was on that date, twenty years before, that "Star Trek" premiered on NBC.

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There's often fake stuff floating round, y'know? -Like the 'ghost boy' that can allegedly be seen in "Three Men And A Baby".

But, nothing bogus that we know yet for "Howard the Duck".
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