Howard the Duck

AKA: Howard, a new breed of hero

Apparently, George Lucas was so distressed by the failure of this movie that even to this day he says that any host or reporter that even mentions the film to him during an interview will face legal action.

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Major Headline in Cleveland Sept. 9, 1986...

"Alien Duck Beamed to Earth"

At the Astrophysics lab at Dinatechnics, scientific advances have achieved something never before possible, or even dreamed of. Their scientists have brought a duck from the outer reaches of our Galaxy. Dr. Walter Jennings was the mastermind behind this occurrence. He had set out to measure the gases that surround Alpha Centauri, but the Laser Spectra Scope was somehow redirected bringing our extra terrestrial visitor to Earth. So for all those who have watched the sky for signs of alien life, or wondered if life exists on other planets... Congratulations you were right, but watch out for what you wish for it may not always be a good thing.

The World today...

So, Howard has joined the Human Race. For good or bad he is here to stay and he might just save everyone of us. With the help of a rock star, and a wannabe scientist, Howard must save the world from the evil Dark Overlord(s). It seems that Howard wasn’t the only thing beamed to Earth by Dr. Jennings. Soon Dr. Jennings will be taken over by his blunder and our world just might end. So, join Howard on his quest to save our world... But watch out, not everyone wants to see a walking talking duck.

Will Howard make a nest for himself here on Earth, or will our own extinction occur?

I guess you will never know unless you watch this feel good sci-fi film...


I know that many critics view this film as a disaster --and George Lucas's biggest mistake, but not me!

I always write about what I like and I like this film. It is an adventure and I love its Cheesy comedy. So for anyone who did not enjoy Howard, all I have to say is what kind of 80's movie fan are you?

This film doesn't take itself seriously... at all. It has a unique self-effacing humor that doesn't appeal to everyone, but is a lot of fun.

Notice any mistakes? Review

Strengths: great, fun and entertaining...

Weaknesses? Self effacing humor doesn't appeal to everyone...

Our rating: 8 out of 10

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Howard the Duck