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Little Darlings was Matt Dillon's third movie, following on from Over The Edge & My Bodyguard.

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Underage sex and smoking are cool, and if you don’t believe me, check out Little Darlings, the quintessential coming of age film from director Ronald F Maxwell. Angel Bright (Kristy McNichol) is the central character in this wonderful Sunday afternoon film about a bunch of hormonally challenged teens' summer vacation away at camp.

The central characters are Angel Bright (Kristy McNichol), who’s sulky, sexy and positively brimming with PMT and Ferris Whitney (Tatum O’Neal) well educated, well travelled and well smug! Both characters are dressed wonderfully and wouldn’t look out of place on this season’s catwalk. Angel is all tight slogan T-shirts and well-cut denims, whilst Ferris sports this season’s ‘must have’, a Bianca Jagger white trouser suit.

Summer camp brings Angel and Ferris together for a season of fun, friendship and rivalries… With bets placed and money at stake, the girls are goaded on by fellow campers to see who can lose their virginity first. A very young and very cute Matt Dillon plays Angel’s love interest. I won’t tell you if they do or if they don’t, but as usual he looks fabulous and plays the part sensitively.

Generic Frenchman Armand Assante plays the object of Ferris’ affection. Assante struts about loaded with testosterone and absurdly long eyelashes flirting, a tad inappropriately, with 15 year old Ferris.

Other characters include Angel’s fantastically white trash ‘tart with a heart’ mom and ?, the youngest kid in the cabin, who bears more than a passing resemblance to a young Miss Piggy.


All in all a great film which deals with a potentially tricky subject (sexual awareness in early teens) in a charming and fun way.

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Our rating: 8.5 out of 10

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Little Darlings