Ludo was taken to meet Princess Diana at the Labyrinth Premiere in London.

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From Jim Henson and Brian Froud, Creators of the Dark Crystal, comes a fairytale that mixes Alice in Wonderland with the Wizard of Oz.

Labyrinth is an enchanting story which blends reality with fantasy. With five or six songs written and performed by David Bowie and puppetry that only Jim Henson could do, it was a sure hit.

So sit down, relax and join Sarah on her quest through the Labyrinth...

It seems Sarah’s world isn’t fair. She has an evil Stepmother, an annoying baby brother and no time for an adventure, but now comes her chance.

While babysitting her little brother Sarah summons the goblins, from her favorite book “Labyrinth”, to take him away. Was this the right choice? Sarah decides it wasn’t, but the wicked Goblin King, Jareth, won’t give him back. So the only way to save her baby brother is to solve the Labyrinth before he becomes a goblin forever.

Sarah has only thirteen hours to reach the castle at the center of the Labyrinth and it’s further then she thinks. With obstacles around every corner she must find the strength to continue.

Her only hope may be a group of rag tag friends she picks up along the way. Will Sarah get through the Labyrinth and save her baby brother in time?

Will she finally grow up, or will her imaginary world continue forever?

You are the only one who will know, as you journey with Sarah through this land where nothing is what it seems...

...Welcome to the Labyrinth...


Even though my favorite movie is the "Dark Crystal," I gave Labyrinth a higher rating.

I did this on behalf of all the people it has it will have touched, including myself. I have loved Jim Henson long before I even knew who he was. I grew up with Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, and Fraggle Rock, so the Labyrinth was an automatic love of mine.

Jim Henson strived to bring imagination and fun to the modern world, through the use of puppetry. So hopefully he will live on in the imaginations of children and adults forever.

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Strengths: Strong story, eye candy effects, and a Jim Henson classic.

Weaknesses? None, who could find something wrong with this movie?

Our rating: 9.5 out of 10

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