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This is an excellent soundtrack from the movie.

It is still popular and has remained in print for many years. David Bowie wrote and performed five or six of the tracks.

The Bowie-written numbers are #3, #5, #7, #9 and #12 and also the Underground part of #1. The rest of the tracks are instrumental and were composed by Trevor Jones, who also composed the music for Henson's "The Dark Crystal."

A side note: the songs "Underground" and "Magic Dance" were released with a dance mix as singles on vinyl.

The following song tracks were featured in Labyrinth:

Track names in Bold are linked to a Soundtrack release.
Magic Dance  -  David BowieChilly Down  -  David BowieAs the World Falls Down  -  David BowieWithin You  -  David BowieUnderground  -  David BowieThirteen O'Clock  -  David Bowie
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Song Trivia At the beginning of the song "Magic Dance" David Bowie sings "you remind me of a Babe, Babe with the power, power of voodoo, who do? you do!" etc. this is the same lyric in the 2002 Scooby-Doo movie but changed slightly by the Atomic Fireballs singing "You remind me of a Man, a man with the power, the power of voodoo, who do? you do!" etc. They claim they wrote it and used it in an album in '99 when, in fact, it was actually first used in Vaudville stage acts back in the 20's. David Bowie also modified it in '86 and used it in this movie. -Thanks to Laura &Amp; Jennifer

The old vaudeville routine you mention, "You remind me of a man" etc, also appears in the movie "The Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer" starring Cary Grant. It's a very funny scene. -Thanks to Zach Hoskins

In the song "Magic Dance", the baby giggle is actually David Bowie because the baby that he wanted to use wouldn't make a sound. -Thanks to Meghan Torba

The song played under the battle in the goblin city (I think it's just called "Battle of the Goblin City") is also the main music in the c64 game "The Vikings" from 1987. -Thanks to Jens K Hansen

Among those involved with Labyrinth musically were singer/actress Daphne Rubin-Vega from the Broadway musical "Rent", who was one of the backup vocalists in the song "Underground", as were Chaka Khan and Luther Vandross!

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Score Music Composer(s): Trevor Jones

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The following instrumental Score pieces were featured in Labyrinth:

Track names in Bold are linked to a Soundtrack release.
Opening Titles Including Underground -Additional Contibutor: David BowieInto the LabyrinthSarahHallucinationGoblin BattleThirteen O'ClockHome at Last
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