The Goonies

Have you ever dreamed of a grand adventure? Maybe a treasure hunt or playing cops and robbers. I know, as a kid, I played both of these games and dreamed they would come true.

So, on that line, we can join a group of rag tag outsiders on their adventure to find a pirate’s treasure. Grab some Redvines, a little popcorn and get comfortable for you are about to take the trip of a lifetime!

There is a legend in the little coastal town of Astoria. It seems that in 1632 a pirate by the name of One Eye Willie was trapped in a cave by the English Armada, who were after his treasure. Willie and his men spent five or six years digging tunnels and making traps for any who dared to search for his treasure.

Now it is 1985 and there are several problems in Astoria. One is that the evil Fertellis have just rescued one of their own from jail and will kill anyone who gets in their way. The other is that the local country club is buying out the Goon docks and evicting it's residents.

So, with no hope left, the children of the Goon docks, The Goonies, set out to find the Pirate treasure and save their communnity. They are aided by One Eye Willie’s Treasure map and a key showing them where to start.

At first all they find is the Fratelli's and after the Fratelli's leave to dump a body, the Goonies decide to investigate the Fratelli's restaurant. The only problem is that the Fratelli's return and there is no way out for the Goonies.

Their only choice is to head underground, and run for their lives. This is where the real adventure begins. Chunk has been left behind to notify the police, but he only notifies the Fertellis. Now the Goonies must outwit the Fertellis and out-think the pirate, One Eye Willie.

Will the Goonies find the treasure and save their community, or will the Fertellis find them and dispose of the evidence?

This is the question...

Update: Did you know that Richard Donner has formally announced that they are working on a Goonies 2 where they all get to come back grown up?

Check out this link from Aint-it-cool News for more details and a picture of the cast as they look now ...


I can watch this film over and over again. It is one of the greats. It has adventure, suspense, comedy, and drama.

Goonies is a good story that the entire family can watch. I could relate to it when I was younger, but what happens most times is a film becomes dated.

Goonies on the other hand is still enjoyable to me... May you see what I see and hopefully enjoy this film again and again.

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Strengths: Strong plot, good story, and a all around feel good movie.

Weaknesses? A lot of errors, but you can get past them.

Our rating: 9 out of 10

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The Goonies