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"Er, someone wasn't on top of their game that day..."
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1985 Family movie starring Sean Astin, Anne Ramsey, Corey Feldman More Cast

We believe the following are all legit mistakes. If we've bungled it, or you have additional info, please update us.

Thanks to Dan Chen
Here are some more goofs I have noticed.
1) In the scene where they discover the counterfeit bills, you can see Stef try the phone in the background to see if it works. She puts it down right away, meaning, presumably that it doesn't work, but later, Chunk calls the police from that same phone.
2) The skeleton organ scene: After Andi makes the first mistake, the left side of the floor falls away from underneath Mouth, but in the next aerial shot, when the other side of the floor falls away from underneath Brand, the left side of the floor is still there. Also, Mouth has been standing on the left hand side of the organ the whole time, but when Andi is finally able to lower the bridge, we see him on the right side of the organ.
Thanks to Dom Sutherland
When the Goonies are going down the water shoot to get to the ship you can see spikes suspended above as booby traps, when brad is filmed going down he hits several of them and they all move like rubber.
Thanks to Stacy Wood
In the attic when Mikey is holding the map, still framed, he calls Chunk and Chunk says "I didn't touch nothing". Right after Chunk's reply Data says to Brandon, "Don't touch it Josh" which is Brandon's real name (not movie name).
Thanks to Jenine
When Chunk is in the freezer with the dead Fratelli brother, the dead guy falls on him a number of times, one time, he clearly blinks.
Thanks to Vicki Thompson
At the end of the film when Andy has to play the piano notes, the final note she is unsure of. She comments that "Is it an A sharp or a B flat?" This is exactly the same note on a piano, so it would make no difference.

However, this was an intentional gag on the part of the writers, not a goof.
Thanks to Alisa
When Mikey leaves his house on the bike, he is wearing a yellow raincoat. He continues to wear this raincoat until the Goonies are in the "pipes" scene. One minute, he is wearing the jacket, the next it is off.
Rewind Archive
In a deleted scene, Stef and Mouth are tied together to walk the plank, Stef offers to share her breath with Mouth. In the finished film, he later thanks her for this, even though the scene was cut!
Thanks to Steven Figueira
In the tunnels, when the boys find the skeleton of Chester Copperpot, they check his wallet to determine if it is really him. Mikey pulls out a baseball card and says "Lou Gehrig". Chester Copperpot died in 1932 or 1933, when Lou Gehrig was a great baseball player for the New York Yankees. However, the specific baseball card that Mikey pulls out is really a 1974 Topps All American baseball card of Lou Gehrig. If Chester Copperpot died in the tunnels in 1932/1933, how does he have a baseball card from 1974 in his wallet?
Thanks to Todd Pegram
In the scene where the kids are in the attic looking around...The oldest boy turns on the over head string style light numerous times.....Each time they break away the light is off and he turns it back on again.....
Thanks to mike
During the scene where the gang is underground by the pipes and mouth tells them to start hitting the pipes, after mouth yells back pressure and troy goes in to the toilet stall, you can see the lift unit that pushes him up in the air during the water spout scene.
Thanks to Sharese
When Mikey's mother gets the jewels poured into her hand, she has pink nail polish on, but when she holds her hand up into the light she doesn't.
Thanks to Jennifer
In the majority of scenes Chunk has the mole on the left side of his mouth, but in the scene when he's thrown in the back of the truck with the dead guy, it all of a sudden switched to his right side. This also occurs in another scene, i think it's the one when he first meets Sloth and is trying to give him chocolate.
Thanks to Bonnie
When the kids fall out of the tunnels/waterslide into the water, they have a lantern that clearly goes under water and is still lit when they resurface!
Thanks to Anonymous
In the scene where the Goonies discover the entrance to the tunnel, (and the fifty dollar bills!) Mikey yells at Brand, but mistakenly calls him by his real name Josh. Sean Astin brings it up on the DVD commentary.
Thanks to Bianca Paulikowski
When Mikey is talking to One Eyed Willy inside the pirate ship, his face is visibly brown and dirty looking. A scene or so later, when the Frattelli's catch up to them and force them out of the pirate ship, Mikey's face is totally white and clean looking.
Thanks to Hayley
When Mouth is walking Rosalita around translating to her, there is gel in his hair, but as he walks down the stairs with Mrs Walsh and Rosalita, his hair is all fluffy.
Thanks to Jennifer
Up in the attic Mikey calls Chunk to hold the framed map for Chunk to drop it. Once Chunk does drop it, Mikey picks it up and tosses all the broken glass off. But when the rest of the boys gather to see the map, all the broken glass is still on top of it.
Thanks to Megan
In the scene when Chunk intercepts the Fratelli's from the side of the road, after he states they have had a run in with these "disgusting people, the Fratelli brother Jake turns on the ORV's interior light and you can see his reflection in the side view mirror, taking a drag off a ciggarette. As the camera stays on Chunk, he starts to say the Jewish prayer. The camera cuts to Jake and he begins his operatic verse. Cut back to Chunk screaming... The image in the side view mirror of Jake taking a drag off the cigarette is replayed... As he is heard singing! How does one sing and inhale cigarette smoke at the same time?
Thanks to jake
During the scene where the goonies were rescued they're all being interviewed. Data says the scariest moment was being attacked by the octopus, but the octopus scene was cut from the finished movie.
Thanks to Ray
In the scene where Mikey asks Chunk to hold the frame with the map; When Chunk breaks it they toss off all the broken glass from the map. The very next scene, they slide the map from under all the same glass they just tossed off the frame.
Thanks to shahrul
Rosalita did not speak English. How come she can understand the foreclosure situation and in the even screamed in Spanish not to sign?
Thanks to Abbott
When the kids find the ship and the caves are collapsing, you can see rocks falling from the ceiling that land on the water and float! -Pure polystyrene (or styrofoam).
Thanks to Mike
In the scene where Mikey's dad rips up the foreclosure and throws it in the air, you can clearly see someone throw another handful of paper up a second after him. I guess one document wouldn't create enough confetti for the camera.
Thanks to philnic
In the basement scene of the goonies when Mike slams the ground with the pole to see if anything is buried, Brandon says " There's nothing buried under there ". Mike responds by apparently calling Brandon by his real name. " There is something buried under there Josh "
Thanks to oneyedwilly
When the Goonies are riding down the hill, they stop to look at the Doubloon and the coast line. Chunk says 'anyone got a candy bar, a baby ruth'? Later we see Chunk throws a baby ruth at sloth. Where did he suddenly get this from?
Rewind Archive
When Mouth goes to let the air out of his big brother's tires, as soon as he took the caps on the tire valves off they deflated. Taking the caps off won't deflate the tire, but we all know if you stick a screw or something in there it will deflate as you push in.
Thanks to Nacho Rasines
When Troy is in the W.C. reading a Guns n' Ammo magazine you can see that in the first take he has a different issue than in the second one (although they're both pretty similar). You can certainly notice they are different ones.
Thanks to mouth
When you see the distance shot of the fire in front of the police station, you can see the logs they have used to contain the fire in a square.
Thanks to Tiffany
When chunk is locked up yelling for help in the ice cream freezer, how come he yells for help then once the others have gone under ground he then lets himself out... Why didn't he do that before?
Thanks to Tiffany
In the pirate ship scene after Sloth throws his mom in the water and then dives in the water, watch when the water splashes up.. its blue...
Thanks to Savannah
Right behind Chunk when they were in the bar with the Fratelli's, is a window and you can very clearly see a cameraman with his camera walking behind him and then duck down as he realizes he's in the camera.
Thanks to James Lanier
When The Goonies discover the pirate ship, and as they are climbing the rungs of the shipside ladder, if you look to the far left of the screen you will see a man on the ship waving to someone.

Pretty sure it wasnt a cast member. I just discovered it and I am probably not the first to do so however I have found nothing about it online at all.

BTW This movie still makes me laugh after all these years.
Thanks to william kaska
When Miss Fratelli slaps one of the brothers while they were in the basement section of the broken down restaurant, she snags the other brothers headphone wire.

You can tell the snagged wire brother was holding back a chuckle, as the other two managed to stay in character.
Thanks to Debbie watson
When chunk arrives at Mikey's house and he lets him in after doing the truffle shuffle the balloon blows up red and in the next shot it is pink.

Bogus Blunders

Sometimes an apparent goof is not a real mistake

The following goofs for "The Goonies" are apparently bogus. If you disagree or have additional info, please update us.

In Sean Astin's (Mikey) big monologue in the wishing well, he pauses in the middle, looks down at the ground, and you can audibly hear him say "I forgot" and then pick up his speech again.
When the boys leave Mikey's house, headed out on their bikes, only Data is wearing a coat. When they are biking and Mikey drops the map on the mountain road they still don't have their coats. But the next scene, where they come up with their bikes behind some tall grasses, Mikey is wearing a yellow rain slicker, Mouth is wearing a white hooded jacket and Chunk is wearing a red coat.

-The Goonies have their jackets tied to their bike handlebars.
At the end of the movie when they are on the ship and start to jump in the water, Stef punches Mama Fratelli then pushes her into the water, next scene Mama Fratelli jumps into the water herself!

OneEyedWilly adds: Yes she is pushed in by Steph, but you do see her climbing back up the side of the ship again so this isnt a blooper.
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