Transformers: The Movie Bloopers & Goofs

Transformers: The Movie Picture
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1986 Kids movie starring Judd Nelson, Robert Stack, Eric Idle et al.
Contributed by: Travis Dao
There are two goofs with the matrix. When Optimus Prime gives the matrix to Ultra Magnus he visibly puts it into his chest twice and when Rodimus Prime unleashes the matrix he opens it twice.
Contributed by: Mark Anderson
When the decepticons attack autobot city, there is a part when Starscream's foot gets caught in the workings of the base while it is (I think) transforming? He shoots his foot to free himself but later in the same attack his foot is fine.
Contributed by: Chubz
Ironhide is obviously killed on the Autobot shuttle by megatron. But in the scene looking down on Autobot city, while it's being attacked, Ironhide flies by.
Transformers: The Movie