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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1986 Kids movie starring Judd Nelson, Robert Stack, Eric Idle et al.
Contributed by: Michael Manzano
Transformers was one of three planned films, along with 'My Little Pony' and 'G.I. Joe'. Sunbow planned it wrong, releasing Pony first, and then Transformers second, both failing at the box office. G.I. Joe was immediately sent straight to video.
Contributed by: Michael Manzano
When Sunbow was in the production stage of the movie 'G.I. Joe: The Movie' they first came up with the idea to kill off a lead character since the Duke action figure was planned to be discontinued. The writers for Transformers took the same idea, killing off Optimus Prime --but it resulted in a backlash, with parents outraged due to the traumatization of their children watching such drama in a theatrical cartoon. G.I. Joe's writers were forced to rewrite Duke's death to a critical injury!
Both Casey Kasem and Scatman Crothers appear as cameo voices.
Contributed by: Rick Barkhouse
Orson Welles did the voice for Unicron. He sadly passed after making Transformers the Movie.
Contributed by: Giorgio
In Italy Autobots were called "Autorobots", Decepticons became "Distructors", and the Italian name of Optimus Prime is Commander.
Contributed by: Cliff Coleman
Scatman Crothers (The Shining-original version) was the voice of Jazz, sadly this was the last movie he played in before his death.
Contributed by: Cliff Coleman
Oh Sh*t was edited out of the movie when Spike says it after he blows up the moon to stop Unicron. Instead there is a pause before the next phrase "What are we going to do now?"
Contributed by: Cliff Coleman
The voice of Blurr, John Moschitta Jr, holds the Guiness World record of "fastest talker." He is also the Micro Machines spokesman.
Contributed by: Cliff Coleman
The script was written 2 years before the new Autobot characters were introduced in 1984 and 85.
Contributed by: Tom Widdows
Eric Idle of Monty Python fame also lends his vocal talents as Wreck-Gar.
Optimus Prime originally was not going to return but when they decided to bring him back they re-did the episode "Dark Awakening".
The Movie is refered to as "Till all are One" in some other countries.
Contributed by: Skyknight0079
Peter Cullen, Frank Welker, Michael Bell, Chris Latta and Gregg Berger are in G.I. Joe and transformers movies!
Ultra Magnus is Optimus Prime's brother hence the reason the figure was a white Optimus Prime that hooks into the trailer.
Contributed by: Paul L
In the scene where the Dinobots attack Devastator, Devastator hits Sludge over the head. As he does so, Sludge's eyes pop out of his head and land back in his sockets in a classic Tom & Jerry slapstick style! This is totally out-of-keeping with the style of the rest of the movie, so it must be a joke slipped in by the animators.
Cybertron holds the esscence of Primus the brother of Unicron.
Look closely, before the launcher scene, you will see Wheeljack and Wind Charger dead. (from Season 1 and 2)
Starscream comes back as a ghost in Season 3.
Contributed by: SKyknight0079
In the scene with autobot city when Galvatron attacks, you can see Snarl (Stegosaur Dinobot) running from laser fire. He is not anywhere else in the movie!
Contributed by: Kevin
The voice for Galvatron was Leonard Nimoy who also played Spock from "Star Trek".
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