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Transformers: The Movie Behind The Scenes

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Go behind the scenes and learn what went on during the making of the 1986 Kids movie starring Judd Nelson, Robert Stack, Eric Idle et al.
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Peter Cullen, the voice actor who plays Optimus Prime, also played Prime in the TV series the movie was based on. Cullen honestly had no idea how popular the character was until the public backlash over Optimus Prime's death in the movie, as the studio never sent him any of the fan mail addressed to Prime. But to this day, he consistently cites Optimus Prime as his absolute favorite role. He had a rare chance to reprise this role in the 2007 film Transformers, a 'reimagining' of the original classic.
Deleted Scenes
When movies are made, scenes are often left on the cutting room floor.
Alternate Versions
Sometimes, there will be several versions of a movie floating about on cable, tv or video etc. Other times, a Director may release a special cut of the movie.
Rewind Archive
The Japanese version story line takes a different twist, Unicron is pretty much Satan and Optimus Prime is the Savior which casts out Satan. Also, the character names are different in Japan and Optimus Prime did not return the same way in the Japanese version. The movie had a prequel only released in Japan as an episode called "Scramble City".
Transformers: The Movie