The Beastmaster


The movie was very loosely based on a series of books. The original author Andre Norton was so disappointed with the end result that she demanded that her name be removed from the credits! The first book had the same title, the second book was titled 'Lord of Thunder'. The books are Sci-Fi, not Swords and Sorcery, and the story works much better in this scenario.

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Dar (Marc Singer) was the unborn Prince of a family slaughtered by Lords of Evil. Fortunately, prior to his mothers death, he was magically transferred to the womb of a cow, which saves his life and may be the reason that he is a bit 'different'.

But when Dar grows up into manhood, and boy does he ever (meow!), he embarks on a journey to seek revenge on the evil priest Maax (Rip Torn) and the Jun Horde.

With the help of a hunter (John Amos) and a gorgeous slave girl (Tanya Roberts), whom Dar falls for in a big way, Dar must fight through his way through a wasteland of Sorcery and Black Magic on the ultimate quest for freedom and vengeance.

With only the help of these two, Dar's mission might have been doomed to failure, but, as the title of the movie suggests, Dar has a special gift. He is able to communicate with animals and it is this gift that ultimately gives him the edge of many other warriors of most fantasy movies.

The costumes and characters are just great. This film really makes me believe that all the characters are real (although Marc Singer's acting is not so hot, but I have seen worse!)

A definite guy flick with regards to the fighting and of course Ms Roberts and a girlie flick for the love growing between Dar and the slave girl ...and of course Dar's body!


Unanimously panned by the critics and many people alike. Well what can I say? It is a good movie.

It does have some good humor and action. But it is the kind of movie you can see on a rainy day and have a great time!

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Strengths: Humor, Good Looking People, Action/Fighting, plot

Weaknesses? Acting is kinda bad

Our rating: 8.5 out of 10

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The Beastmaster