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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1982 Action / Adventure movie starring Marc Singer, Tanya Roberts, Rip Torn et al.
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Dar's black tiger was actually a regular striped tiger dyed black! The dye would wash off around the mouth whenever the tiger took a drink and weren't painted out again immediately, so throughout the film the stripes are often visible around the mouth.
Contributed by: Charles Gaudreau
It's alleged that Sultan (The Tiger) died after filming from a serious skin condition resulting from the dye used. Seems unlikely, but can anyone confirm whether this is true or just a rumor?
Contributed by: Almer
At the scene where Dar's is being pulled away by a white dog, you can clearly see that Dar is actually in a sort of platform either being pulled or pushed.

There is an instance when the dog wasn't biting his sleeve yet he is still moving away.
Contributed by: Jay Leger
Notice when the blind King Zed was planning his attack on Maax , while his eyes were bandaged , he still manage to walk around the campfire , backwards!!! Why is it that Dar can read the animals minds but all the villains in the movie all ride horses?? Umm ... Beastmaster , hello !! Command them the other way or something !! Lol
Contributed by: Rebecca
The ferrets were both male, so neither one would have been able to have kits.
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