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The Beastmaster Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Dan Peterson

On Location

Most of the outdoor locations where shot in the hills North of Simi Valley and West of Moorpark in Western Ventura County, there really isn't a street address. As I recall 'Union Oil' owned the land it was shot on.

There were also a section that took place on a lake that was filmed at Pyramid lake North of Los Angeles, as well as a few scenes shot in the Valley of Fire outside of Las Vegas. [Thanks to Brett Papworth]

The temple scene and tree house scene sets as well as many of the exterior shots were filmed in the middle of nowhere in Simi Valley. The interiors with the large tree were built inside an industrial complex where the production offices were in (maybe Jefferson Blvd?) North Hollywood. All the minitures were also done there. Other exterior scenes were shot on location in Arizona. [Thanks to C. Ertle]

Can you help? Do you know any of the S. California filming locations used for The Beastmaster? [Please send them in]

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