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Author Topic: If you got to write the next KK story line....
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What would be about?

Last night I had a sudden idea for another Karate Kid storyline but I thought it would be cool to see what everyone else would do too.

----- warning: cheesy script + long post + dangerously close to fanfiction writing -----
The premise of the film is simple. In the first 3 films, the movies were really about how Daniel slowly becomes his own as he starts to understand who he is and what he wants to be.

To whit, this is symbolized through out his growth in martial arts in the film. At first, he was completely unaware of who or what he is. He was given direction, given shape, and molded by the Miyagi-Ryu karate. The second movie is about how he finally begins to truly understand honor and such and becomes a true miyagi-ryu practitioner. The third movie, while the weakest of the three, was meant to be him having a crisis in faith and identity, but ultimately through this struggle comes into his own as an individual who was greatly influenced by Miyagi, but ultimately reached his own conclusions through his life.

The next movie to follow, really if they were to use him, should focus on that aspect of him. Now, considering it's been like, 20 years or so, I don't think it would be inappropriate for there to be a major time skip that really makes Daniel into a grown man now. this time, he's not someone struggling with being comfortable in his own skin, he's trying to help the next generation.

But this time, I don't want to have some kind of external cartoon cut out villain. (John Kreese was okay, but Tony Silver was too much for me) Maybe this time, the villain would be... Daniel's own student. that's right. Daniel's student is the bad guy this time. Well, hear me out.

20 years after (or however many) the 3rd movie, Daniel LaRusso has finally come into his own in the world. He now runs a bonzai shop (the same one that he and miyagi started years ago, but now far more established) but also teaches karate on his off time in a small dojo he has built next to the shop.

Much in the same fashion of the dojo in Okinawa, the dojo here is adorned with the pictures of the old Miyagi-ryu masters. Mr. Miyagi has passed away since his portrait is enshrined within the dojo along with the rest of the masters. Daniel LaRusso, now the last Miyagi-ryu practitioner, doesn't want the art to end with him and thus tries to pass the wisdom that he has gotten from Mr. Miyagi onto the next generation.

Daniel now runs youth programs for city youth and instructs them in not just the martial skill, but also tries to promote emotional and spiritual growth in them as well. His finest student is another young man (who I thought would be nice to be Japanese as well) whom we'll call Max for now, a young man he has instructed for the last 5 years. Max used to be an inner city orphan who came into Daniel's care by chance. When he first came to Daniel, he was a street thug who got into a lot of fights and scuffles. It was only after Daniel was able to defeat him in a botched attempt to rob his store did Daniel decided to attempt to guide the youth to a better life. Daniel has been like a surrogate father figure to Max since.

Max, however, grows impatient with Daniel, as he felt Daniel has grown soft over the years, and he stubbornly wants to become stronger and better. His desire to be trained as a true competitor for the top fighting circuit was turned down by Daniel, however, who believes that such things are not important to grander scheme of things.

His feelings of frustration finally boiling over, (as well as other teenage angst issues cropping up) Max challenges Daniel before all of his students, insulting him, his family, and finally the one man he respected the most - Mr. Miyagi.

For the first time in many years, Daniel lost control of his temper, and the two fought before their students. Daniel, being that much more experienced, hands Max the beating of a life time, but stops short of committing a mortal blow as he realized in terror what he has done - he had struck the only son he knew.

Embarrassed by defeat and shocked by how the only father he has ever known had reacted to him, Max fled and disappeared. So began the journey that would send Daniel through his past.

Hoping to mend his relationship with Max, Daniel finds a clue that Max has used his credit card in another area in LA. Daniel follows in suit only find himself faced with his old nemesis: Johnny Lawrence. Johnny Lawrence, now too a grown man, now has a family of his own and runs a small construction firm that specializes in... I don't know... community projects. However, when Daniel showed up, he discovered that Johnny was sent to the hospital as he was injured for some unknown reason. As it turns out through daniel's conversation with johnny, Max had shown up and was seeking guidance from the old Cobra Kai. Johnny, having moved on from that point in his life, turned him away, only to cause Max to lash at him in anger. The two fought, with Max fleeing the scene after injuring Johnny.

Daniel learns from Johnny that Max might end up looking up his old master - John Kreese as well. John Kreese, having spent most of his life a sociopath and a potential victim of post traumatic syndrome from his experience in vietnam, (it's the only explanation I can think of for his behavior in the movies) is now a husk of a man he used to be in his prime. Much of his senility causes Daniel much frustration as he was unable to get a straight answer from Kreese as to the where abouts of Max. At the same time, Kreese served as an ever haunting reminder of what happens to those who live in anger, something that Max is quickly falling prone to. In a moment of clarity, as Daniel was finally able to remind Kreese of who he was, Kreese revealed to him that Max had left for Okinawa, in search of the other branches of the Goju-ryu karate. (Goju-ryu, by the way, is the real life basis for Miyagi's karate.)

He takes a plane to Okinawa, and when he asks around, discovers that Max has gone to sought out Chozen and Sato respectively. Sato has retired, and lives a peaceful life. the contrast of between him back in KK2 and now is stark as he is gentle, patient, and in many ways, reminds daniel of Miyagi himself. Sato, in between doting on his grandchildren and sipping his tea, relates to daniel that Max did in fact show up at his place seeking to be trained. But when Max realized what kind of man Sato had become, he left in disgust.

Thanking him, Daniel then tracks down Chozen, the man who he had defeated in combat years ago. Chozen, though defeated years ago, still remains active and has continued his studies in karate. He no longer harbors the hatred he once did for Daniel, but a small part of him always resented Daniel for taking away the pride he had in his youth.

When Max came to him, Chozen was the only one who truly understood him. He understood that within this young man was a passion and thirst for strength that he had long ago. To him, it was a fire too beautiful to not stoke. And so, he gave what Max wanted. He trained him in his own brand of karate. While miyagi-ryu karate was about philosophical and spiritual growth, Chozen's style was about survival and practical use. It was aggressive, disciplined and highly effective. Max was a truly talented learner, and was able to quickly incorporate this new form into his skill set.

Feeling he had learned what he wanted, he left Chozen's side to prepare himself before he faces off with daniel again.

It is here, however, that the trail grows cold, as Chozen did not bother figuring out where Max would go next. I'm not sure precisely how Daniel would react to Chozen pushing Max further down the very path he didn't want to see him go down, but suffice to say, he's not pleased. Maybe insert a confrontation between Chozen and Daniel once again, with Daniel leaving in disgust.

Daniel, now confused in his abilities as both a father and a teacher, wonders around Okinawa aimlessly.

He finds himself at Miyagi's grave. daniel, very upset, asked his mentor and surrogate father what to do.

It was then, that he turned to see Max standing behind him with flowers and a bottle of sake in hand. Apparently, Max decided to come and pay his respects first before returning home to challenge Daniel again.

Daniel was over-joyed to see Max safe and unharmed, but realizes that Max does not intend to forgive Daniel just yet. No, Max wants to prove himself against Daniel once more. He wants to be the strongest, the best there is. And he cannot do it until he has surpassed what he considered the baggages of his past - his connection to Daniel. He wants to sever that connection.

Daniel realizes that if he doesn't do something now, he might not get the chance to stop Max's descent into darkness again. And so, with a heavy heart, Daniel fights Max by Miyagi's grave as a storm cloud gathers over their head.

Far away, Sato and Chozen simultaneously look up to the sky upon hearing the thunderous roar in the distance, as if they knew that somewhere, Daniel and Max have finally met again. Kreese, still back in his state of senility, mutters his mantra under his breath while he almost clairvoyantly feels the on coming battle.

And with a single lightning bolt striking the ocean water near the two, the duo fought one more time. Chozen had trained Max well, as he's no longer the same Max that Daniel fought back in the dojo. He was faster, stronger, more focused, and dangerous. After a prolonged fight, Daniel finally gains the upper hand. Daniel, however, knew that if he continued, it would only spur on Max to keep fighting, who was blinded by his own rage.

And so, in the climatic moment of the fight, Daniel simply allows Max to strike him with full force, letting him win. Max, now standing over the unconscious body of his greatest challenge in life, was both ecstatic and yet scared. He felt victorious and yet at the same time empty inside. Why does he feel so empty? And then, in a terrible moment, he finally realized what he had done. He had struck down the only father he knew.

He cradles Daniel in his arms and in an emotional moment tries so hard to reconcile what happened. He was angry that Daniel had simply let him win, and yet he was even angrier at himself for hurting Daniel so deeply. The self-loathing that he has been nursing throughout the entire movie finally erupts into a torrent of emotions as tears stream down his face.

Then, rain stopped as the clouds parted. Daniel slowly opens his eyes as he sees an image of Mr. Miyagi standing in the light smiling at him. "you have grown much, Daniel-san." he said to him approvingly.

And then like a miracle, Daniel opens his eyes to see distraught Max kneeling by his side. He chides the crying young man and smiles. Max, realized that he had done the irrevocable, helps Daniel to his feet and the two finally reunite proper.

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This is just the same tought I had in mind too.You actually put the story to paper,CONGRATULATIONS!!!
I just love it.You should send this one to Ralph Macchio himself and ask for a comment to it.Im sure he would love it.It is just that kind of progression you would expect to see.

My story tough differs a little.I sort of have a good story line too,I just havent finished it yet,but Ill put it up when I do.

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