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Film facts for the 1982 Dance / Music movie starring Maxwell Caulfield, Michelle Pfeiffer, Lorna Luft, Maureen Teefy

Alison Price, Pamela Adlon, Adrian Zmed, Peter Frechette, Christopher McDonald, Leif Green, Didi Conn, Eve Arden, Sid Caesar, Dody Goodman, Tab Hunter, Dick Patterson, Connie Stevens, Eddie Deezen, Matt Lattanzi, Lucinda Dickey Update Cast

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Thanks to Becky
Maxwell Caufield's best moment (I think), is in "The Boys Next Door", with Charlie Sheen.
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Most talk show hosts interviewing Pfeiffer will refer to The Fabulous Baker Boys as the first role in which Pfeiffer sang. But we all know better.
Thanks to Polly
Maxwell Caulfield was also in Empire Records, as Rex 'Sexy Rexy' Manning. As a dried up old TV/Singer who wears a terrible wig etc.
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One of the patron saints of the 80's, Maureen Teefy, was in Grease 2 as a pink lady, virgin whos boyfriend tries to convince her to "do it for our country." She also appeared in 1980's "Fame" and 1984's "Supergirl",
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Recently, Didi Conn, bought the television rights to Grease on television and rumors of a sequel set in the 70's at a reunion of Rydell High are out there now, with Conn as producer. One wonders who, of the original cast, would agree to participate (particularly Newton-John and Travolta).
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There is an Olivia connection in the movie -- one of the dancing prep boys is Matt Lattanzi, Olivia Newton-John's husband, whom she met on the set of "Xanadu.
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The secret identity component of Caulfield's on screen personas in Grease 2 was not lost on the screenwriters who included a reference to Superman in the script. Ironically, Teefy went on to play Lois Lane's sister in 1984's "Supergirl".
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Maxwell Caulfield later starred in the evening soap "The Colby's". (There must be a rule that at least one Grease alumni join an evening Soap Opera, Lorenzo Lamas from Grease starred in "Falcon Crest".)
Thanks to Erin
Maxwell Caulfield also appeared in the film "Empire Records" as Rex Manning, an egotistical pop star. He makes an appearance at the record store to sign autographs and promote his hit song, complete with girls chanting "Oooohh Rexy, you're so sexy!" The crowning touch was when he actually made out with one of the record store employees on top of the copy machine... Not his finest moment!
Thanks to Carolyn Gubala, Natalie And Rachel
Maxwell Caufield played a character Brenda (Shannen Doherty) dated on the very first season of "Beverly Hills 90210". He was an older college student. He is also married to Juliet Mills who plays Tabitha on the NBC soap opera "Passions" and the maid Winnie in "The Other Sister". She is 18 years older than him and is the sister of Hayley Mills ("Parent Trap", and Miss Bliss on the early days of "Saved by the Bell").
Thanks to Veronica Luna
This was Pamela Segall's first movie role as Paulette's little sister, Dolores Rebchuck. Pamela had a seven episode run on the comedy show "Facts Of Life" and starred in the 80's gender bender movie, "Something Special" (1986). She is also the voice of Bobby Hill for the animated comedy show "King Of The Hill" and has done many voices for numerous cartoons, including Disney's "Recess."
Thanks to Charlie
T-Bird, Goose McKenzie, was played by comedic actor Christopher McDonald, aside from his infamous role as Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore, he was of course an 80s legend as James in "Breakin" with Lucinda Dickey.
Thanks to Lisa
Lorna Luft (Pink Lady) and Christopher McDonald (T-Bird) later did the 80's movie "Where the Boys Are 84" a remake to the 60's version. Their characters in the movie were written to have an affair only after onr of the writers found out they did Grease 2 together and wanted to make a connection between the two actors.
Thanks to Sean D
In 'Where The Boys Are 84', at one point (IIRC) Christopher calls her by her character name from Grease 2 and she slaps him.
Thanks to Barry Freiman And Robert Arnold
Lorna Luft, the blonde sexy Pink Lady who emulates Marilyn Monroe is Liza Minnelli's sister and Judy Garland's daughter.
Thanks to Amy
Adrian Zmed, of "Bachelor Party" fame portrayed Danny in the Broadway production of Grease before being cast as Johnny.
Thanks to Erin
Adrian Zmed has done a great deal of Broadway and off-Broadway work since this movie, namely Jesus in "Godspell" (how's THAT for a stretch). He does have an amazing voice and I hear his stage presence is great. Adrian also appeared on T.J. Hooker from 1982-1985. He played Officer Vince Romano, T.J.'s partner.
Thanks to Andrea Banner
Adrian Zmed also appeared in the 80's movie "Bachelor Party" starring Tom Hanks.
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Eve Arden, Dody Goodman, Didi Conn, Sid Ceaser and Eddie Deezen all reprised their roles from the original "Grease" movie.
Thanks to Brenda And Jason Fortier
The twins in the movie are Jean and Liz Sagal who in the 1980's were the Spearmint Twins and were in the tv show 'Double Trouble'. They are the sisters of Katey Sagal, aka Peg Bundy from 'Married With Children'.
Thanks to brittney
Together again.... In 2007, Michelle Pfeiffer (Stephanie Zinone) starred in Hairspray with Grease alumni John Trovolta (Danny Zuko).
Thanks to Laura
Dennis C Stewart, (Balmudo), died from complications from the AIDS virus in 1994. He also featured in the original Grease as Leo, the leader of the Scorpians.
Thanks to Barry Dominey, Jr.
Peter Frechette played a character on Thirty Something. He was also a regular in the hit tv series 'Profiler'.
Thanks to Chelsea
Connie Stevens, who played Miss Mason in Grease 2, the come-hither, cleavage-baring teacher seducing Mr. Stuart, is well-known for her numerous guest appearances on "The Love Boat", her slue of tv shows in the 1960s, her sexy kitten-voice (that most men over 50 are more familiar with than their own wives'; akin to Ann Margaret's), and her role in "Back to the Beach", playing herself, a former beach blanket betty, who threatens to woo Frankie Avalon from Annette Funicello, but is really just a sweetheart in a sex pistol's body. She was married to Eddie Fisher once upon a time, then again, who wasn't? Actress, Joely Fisher, is her daughter.
Thanks to Emily
When Mrs. Megee is walking Mr. Stuart out of her office after the song "Reproduction", two girls walk in and one of them asks to talk to Mrs Megee, because she missed her last two periods, so it is actually implied that, while none of the main characters seem to be having sex, someone in the school is.
Thanks to Brian
Dick Patterson who plays the nervous wreck teacher Mr. Spears in GREASE 2, was also in GREASE 1. He can be found at the danceoff scene walking around with his clipboard.
Thanks to Lindsay
Maxwell Caulfield had a cameo in "Calendar Girl" starring Jason Priestly and Jerry O'Connell. He was at one of the houses the guys think might be Marilyn Monroe's house.
Thanks to Rachael
Maxwell Caulfield was in 'Casualty' a hospital drama in England. He joined 14th September 2003 and left 28th December 2004. He played Jim Brodie a member of the A&E team. He died heriocally in the program.
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Pamela Segall was also in "Say Anything as one of John Cusack's supportive group of platonic female friends.
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Alison Price who plays Rhonda Ritter in the film left the acting business to open her own restaurant in New York

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