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One rifle, one gun. One for killing, one for fun.
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Film facts for the 1987 Drama movie starring Matthew Modine, Vincent D'Onofrio, Adam Baldwin, R. Lee Ermey

Dorian Harewood, Bruce Boa, Tim Colceri, Arliss Howard, Kevyn Major Howard, Kieron Jecchinis, Sal Lopez, Gary Landon Mills, Ed O'Ross, Papillon Soo, Jon Stafford, Kirk Taylor, John Terry, Ian Tyler, Peter Edmund Update Cast

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Advertisements for this film were censored in some parts of Canada due to he tagline "In Vietnam the wind doesn't blow, it sucks." At that time, Canadian censors had not yet decided whether the phrase "it sucks" (or "this sucks") was obscene.
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During the scene when Sgt. Hartman is asking Private Pyle if he knows the difference between his left and his right, keep an eye on the soldier behind Pyle. When Hartman slaps Pyles hat off you can see the recruit behind him trying not to laugh.
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Vincent D'Onofrio starred in the visually stunning , "The Cell" also starring J-Lo.
Thanks to Scott Hume
R. Lee Ermey now hosts "Mail Call" on The History Channel.
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Samples of the vietnemese prostitutes "Me so horny, I love you long time" proposition line to Matt Modine were used in The Two Live Crew's song "Me So horny" back in '90 and Sir Mix A Lot's "Baby got back".
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Mickey Mouse is referred to at the end of both segments; when Hartmann enters the head to confront Joker and Pyle, he cries "What is this Mickey Mouse shit?"; and Joker and co. sing the theme from the Mickey Mouse Club as they march through the burning city. A third Mickey Mouse reference is in the press room: a Mickey Mouse figure can be seen near the window behind Private Joker.
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R. Lee Ermey hardly blinks at all in any scene.
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As Joker prepares to kill the sniper, his chest turns as he raises the gun, hiding his peace symbol button from view.
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The inscription "I Am Become Death" is written on Animal Mother's helmet. This is a quotation from the Bhagavad-Gita, spoken by J. Robert Oppenheimer after the explosion of the first atomic bomb at Alamogordo.
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In the press-room sequences, cut-outs of american film and TV war charachters are omnipresent. They include Sargeant Bilko, and other far from heroic cartoons.
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Stanley Kubrick's daughter Vivian makes a cameo appearance during a scene in Vietnam where Joker and Rafterman encounter a mass open grave. Vivian can be seen wielding a motion picture camera, shooting into the open grave for a few moments.
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R Lee Ermey has played a Marine DI several times including in one of his earliest film "The Boys of Company C." He also appears in Saving Silverman with Jack Black.
Thanks to Frank J Kurtz Jr.
I was told that my father, Sgt. Kurtz, was the one portrayed as the drill sergeant. Since i was born in 1966 in Paris Island as my father tells me they were filming a movie at that time in 1967 on the base.

My father was the youngest DI ever to graduate from DI school also the man that was caught with the doughnuts has also contacted my father via facebook.

I was contacted months ago from a man named Warren C. telling me "dont you know your dad is famous?". I said for what and he told me because of the movie. I have charcoal drawings that recruits did for him from the platoon 3092 labeled 'Lo and Behold Sgt. Kurtz'.

I need more info on the validity of what I have been told by these people and i do believe that they are telling me the truth.
Thanks to Brad
Papillon Soo Soo was the Da Nang hooker who said the lines "Me love you long time", "Me so horny", and "Me sucky sucky".

A few years before, she had also played one of Mayday's friends called 'Pan Ho' in the James Bond film 'A View To A Kill', where she drowned in the mine earthquake.
Thanks to S.e. Olson
Matthew Modine has released excerpts from the diary he kept while filming FMJ entitled "Full Metal Jacket Diary". Among other gems you will learn that: 1) R. Lee Ermey actually slapped Vincent D'Onofrio in the scene where DI Hartman slaps Pyle and knocks Pyle's hat off. D'Onofrio suggested Hartman do so. 2) The cast ate actual Vietnam War era military rations in the scene where the patrol can be seen eating. 3) Vincent D'Onofrio injured his knee due to all the weight he gained to play Pvt. Pyle, but he kept on with shooting.
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The siren heard at the Da Nang base during the Tet Offensive is the same as heard at Burpelson AFB in Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964).
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When telling the recruits about Christmas services, Sgt Hartmann calls the clergyman "Chaplain Charlie". In Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange" Alex refers to the prison chaplain as the "prison Charlie".
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In several of the Vietnam scenes a Red Ryder B.B. gun can be seen in the squad leaders pack, and in the scene where "Vietnam: The Movie" is being filmed he is holding it in his hand as the camera crew goes by.
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Except for the title cards "A Stanley Kubrick Film" and "Full Metal Jacket", there are no opening credits.
Director's trademark (Stanley Kubrick): [Zoom] The opening shot of the scene by the mass grave.
Thanks to Tyson Hunter
In the "this is my rifle, this is my gun" scene, Private Pyle is half a second ahead and going in the wrong direction.
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Vincent D'Onofrio plays in 'Law and Order: Criminal Intent'
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Gunnery Sargent Hartman also appears as a ghost in a grave-yard scene in 'The Frighteners', where he screams abuse at Micheal J Fox
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Ermey also played an uncredited role in Apocalypse Now. He can be seen in the infamous air cavalry attack on the village, he's flying one of the small helicopters that gets shot down.
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Toward the middle and end, Cowboy can be seen wearing a leather pouch with brown and white lanyards around his neck. This pouch is covered by a single claw which represents a Boy Scout Honor Society-known as "The Great Tribe of Mic-O-Say".
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In the scene with recruits performing push-ups in the 52 man open-bay (the jelly doughnut scene), the one in the far right barely goes down at all. As the scene fades out, the one on the immediate left stops twice.

Bogus Trivia

There's often fake stuff floating round, y'know? -Like the 'ghost boy' that can allegedly be seen in "Three Men And A Baby".

But, nothing bogus that we know yet for "Full Metal Jacket".
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