Breakin' Soundtrack

Breakin' Soundtrack

AKA: Breakdance

Vocal Song Tracks

Breakin' featured the following songs:

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Hot Streak
Rufus & Chaka Khan
Chris "The Glove" Taylor, David Storrs
Tour De France
Boogie Down
Beat Box
Art of Noise
Tibetan Jam
Ice-T, Chris "The Glove" Taylor, David Storrs
Computer Age (Push The Button)
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The soundtrack includes the massive hits "Ain't nobody" and "Ain't no stoppin' us". It is very rare on CD, having only ever been produced in West Germany by Polygram in the 80's. Use our buying guide to locate a copy.

The song "Tour De France" which plays under Turbo's Broom-dance scene was performed by 70's synth pioneers Kraftwerk in the film, but did not appear on the soundtrack album. An easier to find (in the 80's at least) version of the song appeared on the K-Tel instructional LP "Breakdance" performed by 10 Speed. (I actually enjoy the latter!!) [Thanks to Eric Carpenter]Update Us

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Thanks to Blacke
The missing songs from the movie such as Kraftwerk's "TourDeFrance", Art Of Noise's "BeatBox" and more are found in the Album "Spider" which is a rare find. I had the golden chance to see and listen to some of it during the breakdance seasons in the 80's. It includes some of the background songs from the movie.

Another song I remember from the album was "Whodini's Escape, I Need A Break" which is still my favourite.

Computer Age (Push The Button) by Newcleus was one of the tracks I tried so hard to figure out the title from the 'Spider' album which I still remember.
I finally found it in YouTube by accident. Traced it from a compilation of old skool breakbeat music of the 80's but I never got the title of that song from that tracklist. The title was forgotten but the tune was kept in my memory since then. That was all I had to use and salvage with a sequence of keyword add ins through search engine aaaaand, ... WALLAH! -My memory can rest now. ;)

The great electro tune played in the club where Shabba-Doo was surprised with a defeat is called "Tibetan Jam" by Ice-T, The Glove, and Dave Storrs. Unfortunately, it too is not on the soundtrack. [Thanks to BShea for the update]

The album cover has Turbo with a hip balance dance pose. Forgot that dance move also. Could anyone run a search to find more details on this or maybe even contact the recording company to shed more details? I'm sure this would be appreciated by most "Breakin" or "Breakdance" fans if they could get their hands back on those superb tunes.

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Gary Remal, Michael Boyd

Breakin' featured the following pieces of instrumental music:

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Jazz Class
Gary Remal, Michael Boyd
Franco's Tango
Gary Remal, Michael Boyd
Garage Dance
Gary Remal, Michael Boyd
Kelly's Song
Gary Remal, Michael Boyd
Baroque in Blue
Claude Bolling
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Gary Remal & Michael Boyd's wonderful score has sadly never been available on any format.Update Us

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