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He's a big-city kid in a small town. They said he'd never win. He knew he had to.

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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1984 Dance / Music movie starring Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer, John Lithgow, Chris Penn

Sarah Jessica Parker, Dianne Wiest, John Laughlin, Elizabeth Gorcey, Frances Lee McCain, Jim Youngs, Douglas Dirkson, Lynne Marta, Arthur Rosenberg, Timothy Scott, Alan Haufrect, Linda MacEwen, Kim Jensen, Michael Telmont, Leo Geter, Ken Kemp, Mimi Broadhead, Meghan Broadhead Update Cast

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Footloose Filming Locations:

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Wanna see the real life filming location used for "Bomont High School" in the movie?

These scenes were actually shot at Payson High School, located in Payson, Utah. Google Map

The movie was filmed on location mainly at Provo, Lehi and Payson in Utah Valley, with camera angles very cleverly hiding the populated areas. (It isn't really a hick place, I grew up there.) The movie used locals throughout the valley to work as extras. [Thanks to L Bingham]

The flour mill was Lehi Roller Mills along interstate I-15. Regarding the scene where John Lithgow and Dianne Wiest are looking at the flour mill from a vacant field, while it really was that rural back then, the intersection where the Lehi Roller Mills is located (850 East and Main Street, U-73 at I-15 Exit 282) now has a Subway and Dutch Oven Restaurant on the NE corner, a convenience store on the SE (with two motels further south), a McDonalds and a convenience store on the SW corner. The roller mills almost didn't appear in the movie. The owner, Sherman Robinson said he initially turned down requests from a producer working on the film because he was worried safety officials wouldn't allow filming there. Only after an official OK from the state Occupational Safety and Health Administration, did he agree to let the filmmakers shoot there. In the film, Bacon works at the roller mills. A dance held there in the movie was actually filmed at the Osmond studio. Other scenes, like one in which the mill goes up in flames, were cut from the movie. [Thanks to Russ Daly]

I am a college student and the house that my roommates and I live in is the house seen in the Thanksgiving dinner scene. Kevin Bacon actually looks out of my bedroom window in one scene. The house is located on 1st north and 5th east in Provo. [Thanks to Mike Visser]

The car wash they go to was filmed in downtown Payson, UT. In the background you can clearly see Burdick Lumber. [Thanks to Justin Martin]

The Drive-In restaurant they dance in the parking lot of is now a flower shop just north of First N and 500 W in Provo, UT.

I have since found out that the location of the drive-in scenes was built in about 1948. Prior to that it was a run-down apartment complex. It then became a JBs, then when JBs moved a few blocks east, Allen's Supermarkets retrofitted it to become a 'Hi-Spot', it was quite the place for burgers locally. All the Hi-Spots are gone, this was apparently the last to go. That it was until they closed it and it became Provo Floral. Latest news is that Checker Auto wants to bulldoze it to make way for a new Checker, they already have one 500 feet away from this location, this would in reality become a smaller store than that. [Thanks to James W. Anderson]

The place in which Kevin Bacon's character does his gymnastics routine is on the Geneva Steel complex in Vineyard, Utah. Most of the trainyard scenes are also on the Geneva property. [Thanks to Troy Slater]

The tractor scene was filmed in Payson, Utah (close to Elk Ridge). The dirt road they are on is called The Canal Road and follows the canal from Payson to Salem. The actual property used is part of Allred's Orchards (owned by Rey & Mary Carol Allred). The fields around are owned by many menbers of the Haskell Family (especially Ivan and Dwayne Haskell). I think you can even see Ivan on his tractor in the movie. Apparently, prior to filming, they did a trial run with Kevin Bacon driving the tractor and it really did have a spectactular crash. Unfortunately, they did not have any cameras running. When they actually did film, the crash wasn't quite as good. The character who fell into the canal really did have a hard time getting out, and the look on his face is not acting! The address may be something like: 10921 S 2170 West Payson UT 84651. [Thanks to Janeece Bell / Donna Howell]

The tractor scene took place near west Mountain and springLake what is known as Strawberry Highline Canal Road . Burdick Lumber which is shown belonged to my family. [Thanks to Brent Burdick]

Ren gets pulled over by the officer at the Payson City Park (North side). He fills up on gas at the 7-11 in Payson next to Smith's Grocery Store (it is no longer a 7-11). [Thanks to Karen]

In the movie the church that the characters attended is located in American Fork, UT at 100 East just north of Main Street. As far as I know some of the houses that were used in the movie were located directly across the street from the church however, they were torn down and in there place now stands an Albertsons Grocery Store. [Thanks to Mary Anderson]

The home that was used as the Reverends home was actually owned by my grandparents. It was located on 500 East in American Fork, Utah. It was a beautiful home that my grandparents took great pride in. My grandparents have signed business letters from Mr. Frawley, the locations manager, expressing his thanks. Sadly, this home (and the rest of the homes on the block) were knocked down for an Albertsons store. As of 2012, the building is now a Fresh Market. [Thanks to BeckyD]

The church used in Footloose is actually the Community Presbyterian Church located at 75 North 100 East in American Fork, Utah. The scene with some women members of the congregation was also filmed in the grounds of The Community Presbyterian Church in American Fork at the Education Building adjacent to the historic church. Several members of the Church were extras in the church scenes and a few even had speaking parts. [Thanks to The Community Presbyterian Church]

The house near the beginning of the movie (after church) was located in West Mountain (West of Payson). [Thanks to Karen]

The book burning scene was filmed at Springville High School. There is a patio area in the middle of the school. 1205 E 900 S Springville UT. [Thanks to Rani]

The bar dancing "across the border" was filmed in the Silver Spur Bar on 200 west and Center streets in Provo. Wendy Smith, who had worked there as a cocktail waitress while attending college at BYU and was an extra in that scene kindly wrote in to confirm this. Later renamed Lemar's Night Club (and then Archafalaya Nightclub -thanks to Jason). The Footlose promo cardboard scale poster of Kevin Bacon was in the corner of the bar for many years. [Thanks to Richard Conant] Scott Dellos kindly wrote in to say that the Silver Spur was torn down in Dec 2010. They have remodeled that corner to make room for a business center.

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Thanksgiving Dinner
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