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Hell Hath No Fury...Like Christine

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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1983 Horror / Occult movie starring Keith Gordon, John Stockwell, Alexandra Paul, Robert Prosky

Harry Dean Stanton, Christine Belford, Roberts Blossom, William Ostrander, David Spielberg, Malcolm Danare, Steven Tash, Stuart Charno, Kelly Preston, Marc Poppel, Robert Darnell, Richard Collier, Bruce French, Douglas Warhit, Keri Montgomery, Jan Burrell, Charles Steak Update Cast

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Christine Filming Locations:

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Wanna see the real life filming location used for the high school in the movie?

These scenes were actually shot at Oak Park High School, located in Agoura, S. California. Google Map

The scene where the garage is blown up was located at the corner of Magic Mountain Parkway and McBean Parkway in Valencia, Ca (Santa Clarita Valley). I remember someone in school talking about the filming of a car movie, and that they built and blew up a full size gas station there. It either holds condos or a mall now.

..But, Laura wrote in to say that the gas station was blown up on the corner of McBean Pkwy and Valencia Blvd. (not at Magic Mtn. Pkwy) and there is a Corner Bakery located there now.

I remember them building this fake gas station and then blowing it up for a movie.

The road where Christine ran over Buddy Repperton was a little two lane road right across the street from the gas station, it has since been expanded to a four lane road. In fact the whole area is completly changed.

The part of the film where Buddy Repperton and the other guy come out of the store when Christine starts to follow him is located at the corner of Newhall Ave and Lyons Ave in Newhall (Santa Clarita Valley). [Thanks to Glen Williamson]

The store where Buddy comes out is currently listed as "Lyons Ave & Newhall Ave". The exact name of the place is Valencia Liquor and they are at 22925 Lyons Ave, Newhall, California on the north side of the street. The sign in the movie reads, "Wine Cellar" you can see it on the far right as they are getting into the car, but only on widescreen. They then proceed west on Lyons Avenue. [Thanks to "Mountain Mike" Johansen]

The high school auto shop where the bully stabs the yogurt is the auto shop at Canoga Park High School. [Thanks to Michael Luciano]

The shop where he works on the car was at Irwindale & Arrow Hwy. Across from a landmark Taco stand. The Junk yard looked the part in the '80's. Now it's all new buildings. I was over a friends house who used to go to the Bob Keller model shows in Buena Park. He opened the closet & it was wall to wall model kits! [Thanks to Mike Rambeau]

The Drive In movie theater they are at is the Pickwood Drive In, that was in Burbank CA. It was torn down in 1989, the movie, Thank God It's Friday. [Thanks to Greg]

The scene were Moochie is getting chased by Christine he emerges from the underpass onto the street was on Medford St in Los Angeles. You can see a sign on a building that reads "Paper Coating Co" with a number reading 3536. Click on this Google Maps link and point south and you can see the sign is still there they just changed the appearance, and the 3536 is gone but the building is the same.

Mike adds: "I uploaded screen shots for the locations for 3536 Medford St (Moochie getting chased by Christine) and 22925 Lyons Ave (where they leave the liquor store) to Panoramio which can be viewed on google earth as long as you have your Panoramio layer checked, they will appear as little blue squares. I also did the same thing for Pee Wee's House and the dinasaur diner (wheel inn) in Pee Wee's Big Adventure." [Thanks to "Mountain Mike" Johansen]

The scene when Christine tries to run down "Moochie". its under a bridge on 4264 Huntington Dr North, Los Angeles, CA 90032. I remember as a kid, my dad took me to see the filming of the scene when Christine tries to run over "Moochie" under the bridge. If you notice in the scene when he last tries to fleet from Christine on the same location you can see a market, well back then it was called food bargain and is now called Rancho Meat Market. you can google it and go around the virtual map. by the way it looks very bad due to all the graffiti around the neighborhood. [Thanks to Manny Velasco]

The warehouse/workshop was on Norris Ave in Pacoima.... I worked in the building/s next door to the west and remember the trashed out fury's that they wrecked in the movie being parked out front and the screeching of tires from the scenes they filmed in the building. Also remember that they had removed part of the roof and had huge lights set up outside shining down into the building. [Thanks to John Vanderschaaf]

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