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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1983 Horror / Occult movie starring Keith Gordon, John Stockwell, Alexandra Paul, Robert Prosky

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We believe the following are all legit mistakes. If we've bungled it, or you have additional info, please update us.

Thanks to Carol Spector
In the end garage scene at Darnell's, the small white car that Christine smashes into and sends careering across the garage is on rollers... You can see if you look closely.

BUT, Jason writes in to say: Whilst there are a couple of goofs/errors in the movie, I believe that this is not one of them, Reason being, Alot of large workshops such as Darnell's which have a lot of floor space use these castors under the wheels of vehicles, this equipment is called "WHEEL DOLLIES" they are used when a vehicle which is unable to be driven under its own power that needs to be moved around a workshop esp large shops with lots of floor space, it makes it so much easier and less tiring to maneuver, plus you could put it anywhere you want to without any effort.

What do you think? Goof or not?
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In the movie, when Christine smashes Buddy Repperton's Camaro, attentive viewers will note that the Camaro has no engine in that scene - even though its headlights are on and it appears to be running.
Thanks to Vinnie Edmonds
Just before Arnie witnesses Christine repairing herself in Darnells garage you can visibly see the number plate on the bottom front grille. When Christine has completed her transformation the number plate has gone.
Thanks to Justin
In the scene when Christine kills Darnell, after you see he has been completely crushed, look very carefully at the steering wheel and you'll notice that the wheel is made of rubber and is bending under his arm!
Thanks to Jason
In the scene after buddy was run down when christine goes in to darnells garage the tires are white lettered instead of white walls
Thanks to nathan
In the scene of Christine where moochie is killed you will see he has paint looking like blood coming out of his crotch
Thanks to Len
At the drive-in after he gets her back in the car and runs around and opens the door to get in the drivers side there is no speaker on the window. After he closes the door the speaker is there.
Thanks to travis
When Christine smashes into Buddy's Camaro at the gas station and drags it backwards, you can see through the messed up hood that the Camaro has no engine. You can even see the ground.
Thanks to bill harker
Where Christine hits Buddy's Camaro, they pulled the engine out to make the car lighter. You can see the hood pop and see the empty engine compartment.
Thanks to Jessie Lynne
In the garage scene, when Arnie's friend Dennis & girlfriend Leigh conspire to destroy Christine, Arnie is thrown through the windshield. But it would be impossible for Arnie to break through as modern American cars have toughened laminated glass to stop unwanted foreign objects from entering through the windshield.

In slow motion, you can see "stage glass" break out of the car, and NO GLASS is seen in the windshield frame.
Thanks to ID
In the scene where the State Police Detective is questioning Arnie in the school parking lot. Arnie pointed out where you can see the fill in the drivers door. He then stated he had to replace that entire door.

Update: G. White kindly wrote in to add: Since doors for a 20+ year-old car almost always come from a junkyard, it's not surprising that Arnie would have to do some fill and sanding on a replaced door. In fact, it would be surprising if he DIDN'T. I've never had a door or fender from a junkyard that I didn't have to do a lot of work on it before it was ready to hang and paint.

-So maybe not a goof after all?
Thanks to G. White
As many others have pointed out on many Christine websites (but not here yet), that year of Plymouth Fury did NOT have push-down door lock buttons, as was shown in the drive-in theater scene.

I suspect the people who designed that scene knew this, because of all the MoPars they used and all the mechanics on the staff, but it was a necessary "mistake" to clearly show that Christine was deliberately trapping the girl inside so that help wasn't available.

The actual lock mechanism on that Fury was "hidden" -- you pushed the inside door handle forward to lock the door, and it unlocked automatically when you pulled the handle toward you to open the door. Great anti-theft device, actually -- but it wouldn't work for this scene since you have to be really old (like me) to remember when Chrysler products worked like that.
Thanks to Anonymous
After the car enters the garage the owner is speaking to another guy about the new windshield wipers on a smashed windshield but when Arnie sits in the car the windshield is intact. Later when his friend sneaks into the garage to look at the car the windshield is cracked.
Thanks to Jessie Lynne
Final scene, Christine has been crushed into a cube. The cube hits the ground, with a rim facing the camera. Cut away and back to car cube, which has rotated, losing sight of the rim.

Bogus Blunders

Sometimes an apparent goof is not a real mistake

The following goofs for "Christine" are apparently bogus. If you disagree or have additional info, please update us.

In the scene where Christine is on fire and pulls back into Darnells, she is a 4 door and not a two door.

Elliott Everett kindly wrote in to say: This is incorrect as it is clearly a two door. With the smoke coming off of it and the fact that the car had a large side-rear window I suppose it appeared to be a four door for a few frames. However, if you look closely and you look at Christine in other parts of the film you can tell clearly they did not use a four door and how the back window could make it appear to be a four door.

Furthermore, they had no reason to do this as John Carpenter only bought two door Furys, Belvedeers, and Savoys.
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