All the Right Moves Movie Filming Locations

All the Right Moves Locations

Tom Cruise has all the right moves

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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1983 Teen Drama movie starring Tom Cruise, Craig T. Nelson, Lea Thompson, Charles Cioffi

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All the Right Moves Filming Locations:

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Wanna see the real life filming location used for The school Stef emerges from after being kicked off the team in the movie?

These scenes were actually shot at Westmont Hilltop Middle School, located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Google Map

Filmed on location at Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The film crew had left a bad taste in the mouths of the town's folk, due to their wild antics and tearing up a hotel.

The football stadium they play in is called the Point Stadium in downtown Johnstown where the annual aaaba baseball tournament is held.

Coach Nickerson's house is on Erickson Drive in the Richland section but I don't know the street address. It was interesting the way the camera made the front yard appear much larger than it actually is. [Thanks to Dave]

I can tell you that Stef's house is on Oak Street in East Conemaugh. It's very easy to spot. On a side note, the house they filmed at in East Conemaugh was located next to my great grand mothers. One day, when filming first started, Tom Cruise actually went to the wrong house since all the houses were so close! [Thanks to jeremy]

Even though the football game is played in downtown Johnstown, the fictional Walnut Heights school was actually Johnstown Vo-Tech in Richland. I dont know for sure if the locker rooms were also in Johnstown Vo-Tech.

People have said that the locker room scenes with the red back ground were shot at Westmont Middle School and also the Walnut Heights uniforms are uniforms of Westmont Hilltop, hence the helmets have WH on the sides. But an extra from the scene wrote in to say that the locker room, depicted to be in Walnut Heights HS (actually the Johnstonwn Vo-Tech) was a set constructed in the old abandoned Johnstown High School. That's also where the pep rally scene was shot. I was also in the crowd for that scene. And V wrote in to confirm that the locker room scenes were shot at Vo-Tech and not at Westmont Middle School. "Believe me I played football for Westmont Middle the following year. Everything else is accurate."

Tom Cruise's house and the steel mill are located in the Franklin/East Conemaugh area of Johnstown.

The old Johnstown High School was on Napoleon Street by the War Memorial [Thanks to Rozanna Helbig]

I was in the movie as a football player. I was a senior at Forst Hills High School in 1983 and played football at Forest Hills. I played the left defensive end for Walnut Heights. The film company recurited players from the local schools to fill out the teams. The selected the larger and more agile players for Walnut Heights and the scrappier playes of lesser stature for Ampipe to fit the sterotype of the WASP vs. the Blue Collar schools. Interestingly, many of the best players didn't participate because of concerns that their NCAA eligiblity would be compromised becuaes we were paid $40 per day.

The rain was in fact created by a Johnstown Fire Department water cannon and some special effects misting for the close up shots. The "rain" pretty much ruined the field and it was completely replaced after filming. Another intersting fact is the Walnut Heights Band was actaully the entire Westmont Hilltop Band, which has the same colors (red and white) and the Walnut Heights Cheerleaders were the Forest Hills HS Cheerleaders, who had recently won some type of competition (e.g., State Champions). I think the Ampipe Band, with Lea Thompson playing the sax, was the Ferndale High School Band, their colors were black and yellow. [Thanks to John Sturtz]

The town is not "Ambridge PA" it's -Johnstown PA-. The stadium still stands today, and is called the Point Stadium. The Walnut Hieghts band is actuallt the Westmont Hilltop High School band, and red and gray were our real school colors. The Walnut Hieghts football players were actual high school football players from Westmont. The scene outside the coffee shop, when Tom Cruise walks away from Nickerson, there is s statue of a man, leaning on the wall, behind him. That statue is still there. He leans against the Tribune Democrat newspaper building, which is still published today. The big hill the bus goes down into Walnut Heights, is Eisenhower Blvd, and in reality, is only about 6 miles from the stadium. The school used as Walnut Heights is actually the Greater Johnstown Career and Technology center. It is a high school, as well as secondary ecucation school. I graduated from the Police academy there. The high school used for Ampipe students was the old Johnstown High, or Cochran high school. It was razed in the early 90's, to make way for a regional MRI center. The practice field that Tom Cruise and Craig Nelson are filmed on is behind the current Johnstown High school. Just about every scene in this movie was filmed on location in Johnstown PA. [Thanks to PR Mathias]

I think the pep rally was in Garfield junior high. I went to this school and spent. Many lunch periods in the balcony.

Ferndale Area Jr.Sr. high school for the band scene where Tom's character watches his girlfriend play the saxophone; They are in Ferndales auditorium.

I think Tom is walking across the Minersville bridge at the beginning of the movie. I have walked across this bridge it is a metal bridge and very noisy.

I think the final scene is on Iron st in Minersville. Many polish people lived there, including some of my mom's family. They were poor and had an outhouse even the 60s. Black people do not have a monopoly on poverty. Those who got out of Johnstown got a college education. You just can't put Humpty together again as my aunt Pheni used to say. [Thanks to Ann]

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