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"Er, someone wasn't on top of their game that day..."
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1985 Comedy movie starring Eileen Brennan, Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd

We believe the following are all legit mistakes. If we've bungled it, or you have additional info, please update us.

Thanks to Joshua Lappin
When Ms. Scarlett screams from seeing Wadsworth imitate the dead cook falling out of the freezer, she is holding a cigarette. Only problem is that she was not smoking on her way to the kitchen. They used the same shot of her screaming from when she saw the dead cook earlier in the movie.

Oleg wrote in to add: When Wadsworth simulates the cook falling from the freezer and Mrs Scarlett screams she lifts her hands, unlike the scene where the reall cook falls out, although, indeed, she is not smoking the second time she goes to the kitchen.
Thanks to Todd Soliday
At the beginning when Wadsworth walks into the kitchen to check on the cook there is a pot boiling on the stove - when the cook turns around with the knife it's gone and when he walks out of the kitchen it reappears.
Thanks to Henry
How did Mrs. Peacock get to turn out the lights?
Thanks to P_a_u_l
In the movie, Mrs. Peacock uses the word "beatnik." This word only became common after the launch of Sputnik in 1957. The story, however, takes place in 1954....

Bogus Blunders

Sometimes an apparent goof is not a real mistake

The following goofs for "Clue" are apparently bogus. If you disagree or have additional info, please update us.

In the group scene in the library (just after having locked the motorist in the lounge), Mrs. White shrieks in frustration. As she does so, it sounds as if she breaks the champagne glass that she's been holding against the fireplace mantel, but if you look at it, it's still intact (that is, until she finally throws it in the air in frustration, whereupon it finally falls, and, based on the sound effect, breaks again).

After the Motorist is locked in the Loungs, Mrs. White breaks her glass against the fireplace, then drops the glass on the floor. That is why you hear two separate *breaking-glass* sounds.
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