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The classic boardgame, 'Clue' or 'Cluedo', comes to hilarious life in this 1985 comedic mystery thriller.

Set against a backdrop of 1950’s Washington DC, familiar characters are brought to life when six strangers are invited to dinner at a secluded mansion at the behest of an unknown host.

Gradually, we are introduced to characters any amateur detective worth his salt should know – Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, and so forth. The filmmakers throw in a few new characters to keep things lively, like Wadsworth (the butler) and Yvette (the maid).

One thing leads to another and their mysterious host reveals himself as Mr. Boddy, the man who has been blackmailing each guest in some form or another. In no time at all, the lights are shut off, things go bump, scuffle and bang in the dark and when the lights are turned back on, Mr. Boddy seems to have met an untimely end.

With the clock ticking before the police arrive, the blackmailed houseguests embark on a madcap mission throughout the mansion to try and solve the whodunit... Whilst also trying to stay alive.

"Clue", the movie is great fun. For any fan of the game, it’s pure enjoyment to see it brought to life so vividly. Everything you remember about the game is there – the rooms, the secret passageways, the weapons... And, in a move highly original for its time, "Clue" was shot with three different endings, each implicating a different guilty party. All three endings were released simultaneously.

The comedic nuances are very well handled and so they should be in the hands of such modern masters of mirth like Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn and Christopher Lloyd (to name but a few).

So light your Candlestick, relax in the lounge and admire Miss Scarlet… The game is about to begin...

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I'm a fan of the game since childhood, and a fan of mysteries in general, so I may be a little biased, but I LOVE "Clue"!

When it first came out in the theatres, I went and saw all three versions, even though it was only the last 10 minutes of each version that was different from one another.

While the film has been criticized for its lack of continuity (granted, a murder mystery trying to provide evidence to make three different outcomes all seem plausable is bound to run into a few problems), the fun is just in watching the action unfold, building in suspense and hilarity, and reaching it's peak when Tim Curry becomes "Hercule Poirot on speed" and recaps the whole movie in a maniacal five-minute deduction and accusation!

Outstanding actors and a faithfulness to the aspects of the boardgame make Clue a winner
Bit too silly for some. Also, the crime is not actually solvable by just the evidence given, since it had to work in three different outcomes that had to be (for the most part) logical.

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Key Crew

Director: Jonathan Lynn
Writer: John Landis, Jonathan Lynn, Anthony E. Pratt
Producers: Jeffrey Chernov, George Folsey Jr., Peter Guber, Debra Hill, John Landis, Jon Peters
Locations Manager:

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Release Date: 13 Dec 1985
MPAA Rating: PG
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Production: Debra Hill Productions, Guber-Peters Company, PolyGram Filmed Entertainment
Genre: Comedy

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