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Karina Bong's (Lily's mother) character was modeled after Imelda Marcos, former First Lady of the Philippines. There are 'in-jokes' made about Karina's husband being a dictator and how Karina has thousands of pairs of shoes (as Imelda did). Also, the couple have a son, Ferdinand Jr., who is fondly called Bong Bong by the people.

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Welcome to the world of the modern fairy tale...

Join Shelly Long as she brings us into her world of glamour and riches. Sit back and enjoy this delightful comedy, for it is going to be a fabulous ride. Maybe just maybe you'll learn something about life and love......

It is 1989 and divorce is on the rise in Beverly Hills. Everyone handles this situation differently, Phyllis Nefler shops; She has everything money can buy, all except the love of her husband, but shopping isn't taking her mind off the recent news that her husband wants to leave.

Phyllis needs something bigger, she needs a cause. Something that will make her feel like she is doing something for the world. What noble cause will Phyllis choose? Save the Whales or Hands Across America? No, she chooses to lead her daughters Wilderness Girl Troop!

Normally this would be an easy decision, but Phyllis has wolves in the woods waiting to tear her to pieces!

Will Phyllis stay long enough for the girls to become a family, or will the wilderness overtake this spoiled rich girl?

I guess you will just have to watch Troop Beverly Hills to find the answers to this and many other questions.

-Just remember: as almost every other 80's film, this one has a happy ending!


I love fairy tales, and happy endings are the best thing that came out of the 80's.

A movie can make you feel good. It can put you into someone else's world, and for a short time you will know how they feel.

That is what I look for in a film, when I am feeling sad. I want something to pick me up. Troop Beverly Hills does that for me.

This is a mindless movie. -What I mean by this is that you can sit back and relax without having to think about the plot or characters. So if you what to laugh and feel good, just watch the Troop get through all obsticles in their path....

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Strengths: Enjoyable without being too much.

Weaknesses? Won't appeal to everyone...

Our rating: 9 out of 10

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Troop Beverly Hills