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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1989 Comedy movie starring Shelley Long, Craig T. Nelson, Audra Lindley et al.
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Shelley Long went on to star in "Don't Tell Her It's Me" with Steve Guttenberg. It's a great movie. If you haven't seen it, check it out!
Contributed by: Alschra
One of the red-feathers is played by a young Tori Spelling.
Contributed by: Lisa Peters
The girl whose parents forget her birthday, Chica Barnfell, is played by a very young Carla Gugino, who went on to star in the "Son In Law", the "Spy Kids" movies and more recently alongside Ben Stiller in the movie Night At The Museum.
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Craig T. Nelson (the man who played Shelley Long's husband, Freddy Nefler) went on to star on "Coach".
Contributed by: Katie
The woman who sold the troop their uniforms was Jo Marie Payton, who went on to play Harriette Winslow on the show "Family Matters."
Contributed by: Bethany
Jenny Lewis, Shelley Long's daughter in the film, is now the front woman for the band Rilo Kiley. They're pretty big on the college circuit and released their latest album on the famed Omaha label Saddlecreek Records (home of Bright Eyes, Cursive, the Faints and many more...)
Contributed by: Rodney
Betty Thomas, who plays the leader of the Red Feathers, is also a director. She directed Howard Stern's movie "Private Parts".
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Contributed by: Jessica
Kellie Martin stars as one of the scouts, she was also on "Life Goes On" and "ER".
Contributed by: Jared
Actress Stephanie Beachem, who played one of the girl's mother and a famous novelist, is best known for her work on Aaron Spelling's "Dynasty" and its spin-off "The Colby's" as Sable Colby, Alexis' (Joan Collins) cousin.
Contributed by: Jennifer
Rosa, Shelley Morrison, is now Karen's maid, Rosario, on Will and Grace.
Contributed by: Mojo Shivers
Other notable "troopers" are Ami Foster from "Punky Brewster" (Margeux Cramer), Emily Schulman from "Small Wonder" (Harriet), and Heather Hopper from Saved By the Bell, 1st season.
Contributed by: Chachi
Both Kellie Martin (Emily Coleman) and Emily Schulman (Tiffany Honigman) later went on to star in the CBS television show "Christy."
Contributed by: Amy
Jenny Lewis, who played Hannah Nefler also starred along side Angelina Jolie in the movie "Foxfire" (1996) as Rita Faldes.
Contributed by: 80'slover
Audra Lindley, who played the head leader Frances Temple, also played Helen Roper from "Three's Company"
Contributed by: Kelly
Stephanie Beacham also played Iris McKay, mom to Dylan McKay (Luke Perry) in Beverly Hills 90210.
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