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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1989 Family movie starring Luke Edwards, Fred Savage, Beau Bridges et al.
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The year after the release of this film Nintendo really did hold a national contest in America to find the "World Nintendo Champion". The winner and some runners up got to keep ultra-rare gold plated NES carts, I saw one that got bids of $6,000 on eBay once and the reserve wasn't met.
Contributed by: Michael
The Wizard was FINALLY, after years of petitioning, released on DVD in the United States in 2006. It preserves the films original widescreen format.
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Previous to the 2006 DVD release, the movie was only available in full screen format in Germany under a different name, "Joy Stick Heroes", and without the original English soundtrack.
Contributed by: Michael
If you visit the location of the dinosaurs from the final scene of the movie (which is located in Cabazon, CA) if you enter the gift shop inside the Brontosaurus, Jimmy's yellow lunchbox (as of 7/21/07) is still in the alcove where he left it in the movie and can be seen on display.
Contributed by: Pyromantic
The Cabazon Dinosaurs location at the end of the movie was also used in a rather romantic scene in the 1985 film "Pee Wee's Big Adventure."
Contributed by: Andy Douglass
A very young Tobey Maguire, now of spiderman fame, has a very small role with no speaking lines in the film. He is part of Lucas's entourage. His 'cool' mullet cut is classic!!!
Contributed by: Josh Wheatley
In the scene where Putnam is blocked in by the Truckers, The truck that spanky is driving, is the same truck that was in "Over The Top" that was driven by Sylvester Stallone.
Contributed by: Spencer Lent
The woman who says "ROGER, ITS THEM AGAIN" is the woman who dies trying to get off the bus in "Speed".
Contributed by: Bob
Jenny Lewis is the lead singer in indie rock band Rilo Kiley who are now on a major label. Jenny can often be seen performing in vintage Super Mario Bros. and Zelda T-shirts. It is also worth noting that a Rilo Kiley fan created a Web video game that features Jenny Lewis as one of the players. Check out their music at
Contributed by: Librarian
Rilo Kiley have played The Coachella Valley Music Festival and on Late Night with David Letterman and Conan O'Brien.
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