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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1989 Family movie starring Luke Edwards, Fred Savage, Beau Bridges More Cast

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The Wizard Filming Locations:

The Wizard was was filmed on location in my hometown of Minden, Nevada. The Hwy that runs through these two towns is the state hwy called 395 and it was also shot in Fallon, Nevada and the Sierra Hwys. Then it was filmed in Reno, Nevada at one of the casinos and at Carson City, Nevada. [Thanks to Natalie]

Working in Reno was tough because the casinos were VERY strict about where the kids could go and how long they were there.

In the scenes after Corie, Jimmy, and Haley get picked up by the motorcycle gang to the song "Send me an angel", we see a black VW beetle with pipes welded to it to make one kickass looking "Black Widow" spider piece of modern junk art sculpture. People have written in to say that, in fact, it isn't in Nevada, it is right outside of Palm Springs California [Thanks to Brandon Anderson] but that must be another one because a crewmember wrote in to say that ...The black widow Volkswagen that they pass on the road is in Moundhouse, Nevada. Period, the END. It was made by an auto wrecker in Dayton, Nevada as a tribute to the VW. I know because I was a PA on the set and worked for HOURS trying to find stuff to drive by that kids would look at. [Thanks to Dave]

The Wizard was also filmed on location at Cabazon, California and at Universal Studios Theme Park, Universal City, CA.

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