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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1986 Sci-Fi movie starring Kate Capshaw, Tom Skerritt, Lea Thompson et al.
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Space Camp suffered from some bad timing in its release. Originally scheduled for release in spring of 1986, actual release was delayed due to the unfortunate parallels between the malfunctions of the movie’s space shuttle Atlantis and the tragic crash of the space shuttle Challenger on January 28th of that year which plunged the nation into mourning for the seven astronauts (including schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe). Even with the delay, the American public just wasn’t ready for an action/adventure involving a space shuttle and the film was a disappointment at the box office.
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Before they hit it big, some familiar famous faces you will see are characters: Andy (played by Steven Spielberg's wife Kate Capeshaw) Kevin (Tate Donoven) Katheryn (Lea Thompson from Back to the Future) Rudy (Larry B. Scott from Star Trek and Revenge of the Nerds) Tish (Kelly Preston aka Mrs. John Travolta) Max (a young Joaquin Phoenix) and camp director Zach (Tom Skerritt from Poison Ivy, Poltergeist 3)
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Kate Capshaw was directed (and wooed) by future hubby Steven Spielberg the year before, playing Harrison Ford's love interest in "Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom".

In 1997, Tate Donovan later gave voice to Disney's "Hercules".

Kelly Preston next appeared as Arnold Schwarzenegger's love in 1988's "Twins"

Joaquin Phoenix(still 'Leaf' back then) became a huge star again in the 2000's, receiving Academy Award nominations for his roles in "Gladiator" and "Walk The Line".
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Although the parents of the Phoenix clan chose rather “flower children” names for their offspring (case in point, River and Rain), they didn’t give their son the name “Leaf.” He assumed that as his screen name before being encouraged by his brother River to have pride in his own given name of Joaquin, which he goes by now in his current, very successful film career.
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