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Thanks to Michael
Kevin: Who talked?

Max: It wasn't me, Han Solo. The Emperor got information out of Jinx.

Kevin: Max, I'm not Han Solo, okay? And you're not Luke Skywalker. There's no Empire and there's no Force and there's no Dark Side, okay? You're just an ordinary kid and so am I and maybe nobody ever lives happily ever after, all right? So just stay away from me. Far away.
Thanks to Leigh
"What's wrong now? Whip me! Beat me! Take away my charge card! NASA is talking!"
Thanks to Dan Hensley
Atlantis launch scene: Andy gets on the radio after plugging in at the Commander's seat position and says:

"Light booster "A", Goddamn it! Launch us or we're gonna explode!"

"Kathryn, get in the seat!" "It's 3 G's, I know, its tough"

"Kevin, you have to drop the solid boosters, they're on your side, now arm SRB separation!"

"Tracking reads Atlantis at 180 by 33, they're in orbit!"

Andy: "well, ladies and gentlemen, I think we've achieved orbit."

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