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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1982 Family movie starring Mark Miller, Donovan Scott, Bridgette Andersen et al.
Bridgette Andersen also played Mary in "Parent Trap 2" (1986) with Hayley Mills.
Contributed by: Frank R.
Actor Carol Wayne, who played country nightclub singer "Doreen" in the movie, also died tragically January 13, 1985. She drowned while vacationing in Manzanillo, Mexico.
Mark Miller (Alvie), is the father of actress Penelope Ann Miller ("Adventures in Babysitting", "Kindergarten Cop", "Other People's Money").
Peter Graves, of course, played the classic character of 'Capt. Clarence Oveur' in "Airplane".
Contributed by: William Nichols
The movie was premiered in Oklahoma City, at the Continental Theater.
Tragically, Bridgette Andersen (Savannah), died May 18, 1997 at the young age of 22. Her obituary stated that she died from an accidental overdose of alcohol and drugs.
Other than this movie, and other character roles ("The Party" with Peter Sellers), Carol Wayne was best known for a few sketches she performed on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in the '70s. She also did a lot of game shows then, as did many of the stars of that era.
Contributed by: Annie Hundley
Mark Miller's real wife, Barbara Stanger, plays Joan Driscoll (Savannah's mom). She was a famous soap opera actress in the 70s, including Days of Our Lives, The Edge of Night, Etc. Mark Miller & Barbara Stanger's real daughter, 'Savannah' Miller, has a two minute role in the movie telling a story to the kids on tbe merry-go-round at the park.
Contributed by: Pierre
That movie inspired the late porn star Shannon Wilsey to take Savannah as her stage name. It was her favorite movie, maybe because she had a troubled childhood and was love starved like the characters in the movie. Like Bridgette Andersen, she became a heavy drug user. She commited suicide on July 11 1994, the date of Andersen's birthday.
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