Air Mexico was the only airline company to purchase the rights for AIRPLANE to be shown as an inflight movie.

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Written and directed by comedy trio Jim Abrahams, Jerry and David Zucker, this was the movie that introduced the world to their madcap comedy style that lead later to "Top Secret", "Hot Shots" and the "Naked Gun" series.

Impossibly and consistently funny, Airplane just keeps on comin -without the kind of lapses in comedy that effect so many other examples of the genre.

This classic movie has got to be the record holder for 'most gags per minute'

Airplane is probably the writer/directors finest comedy and arguably one of the most genuinely funny films ever made. It takes its inspiration from the classic 'disaster' movies of the 70's and in particular the "Airport" series.

This movie is an important piece of culture, but not for the way it represents the 80's. In fact it is almost entirely representative of the 70's.

...And remember... "Don't call me Shirley..!"


Unreservedly recommended if you like outrageous comedy. If you haven't seen it already, go for it!

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Strengths: Supremely funny all the way through.

Weaknesses? None that I can think of.

Our rating: 9.5 out of 10

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