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Return of the Living Dead Part II Trivia

Return of the Living Dead Part II Picture
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1988 Horror / Occult movie starring Michael Kenworthy, Thor Van Lingen, Jason Hogan et al.
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James Karen and Thom Mathews return to play in this film as the grave robbers. Their parts and characters are different now though since they were both killed in the original "Return of the Living Dead".
Contributed by: nutz'n'boltz
To my knowledge, the return of the living dead films are the only zombie films where the zombies speak. "BRAAIIIINS!!"
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Allan Trautman played another "tarman" zombie like he usually does.
Contributed by: Wen C Bailey
The Michael Jackson Thriller zombie was played by Brian Peck who played Scuz in the first Return of the Living Dead movie.
Contributed by: 650intheP
Thor Van Lingen or Billy "the Bully kid" originally auditioned for the role of Jesse "the main character kid"
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Was released on VHS format in August 1993. Came out on DVD (region 1) in October 2004.
Return of the Living Dead Part II