Return of the Living Dead


TIME WARP...Frank says in R.L.D. that the real events which inspired George A. Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" took place in 1969. But the original "Night of the Living Dead" was released in 1968. So the question is: "How do you make a movie in '68 when the events took place in '69." Answer: "The original script reported the case as 1966. NOTLD began shooting in 1967 but didn't catch on as a cult film widely until 1969. In production, Dan (O'Bannon) felt it would be better if Frank's facts sounded more unreliable, the way people really are, not remembering dates that well. Maybe the tanks came to the warehouse years after the fact. It was merely Frank's rough recollection. " - quoted from the Official Home of Uneeda Medical Supply.

-Thanks to Mike Hearod

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A Brief History...

1969, a strange chemical accident occurred in Pittsburgh, Pa. It seems the Darrell Chemical Co., working on a chemical to spray on marihuana, accidentally leaked the chemical into the morgue of a V.A. hospital. The cadavers, according to Burt, started twitching. The Army, fearing the implications of this event, shipped the dead off to the Darrell Chemical Co. for futher testing. But, needless to say, they were delivered to the Uneeda Medical Supply Co. by mistake. Where they have waited fifteen years for a chance to rise again.


Now it’s July 3rd 1984, and this is where we join a small group of degenerates who are out looking for a place to party. They’re waiting for their friend Freddy to get off work at Uneeda, but the only place close enough to party down is a small cemetery. So while Freddy and his co-worker Burt accidentally open one of the tanks, releasing a deadly gas, his friends break into the cemetery and party their "BRAINS" out. Eventually, through a series of major blunders, the dead rise again. And they're hungry. The only thing left to do is to run for your life and just hope you survive...

If thought of this makes your skin crawl, that’s only natural. It is a horror film.


This is a Gory, Fun, and sometimes Shocking film. It is not for the timid.

Otherwise, if the warning doesn’t apply to you, rent this film. It “totally” rocks...

Update: Michael Allred brings us news of his very worthy efforts to get this total 80's classic released as an MGM Special Edition DVD. Backed by members of the cast and one of my heroes, the writer Dan O'Bannon, Michael's website is a true labor of love worthy of all 80's fans attention.

The DVD will feature a brand new transfer remastered from the original negative, a newly created sound mix supervised by director Dan O'Bannon, an audio comentary by O'Bannon and production designer William Stout, a featurette called "Designing the Dead" featuring new interviews, a stills gallery featuring Stout's sketches and art work from the film & theatrical trailer.

Even better news, MGM has given Dan the go ahead to assemble elements to put together a director's cut of the film for a possible re-release down the line if the first DVD sells well.

Y'see: Together we did make a difference, which is the essence of the 80's dream :)))


There are a few Glitches I found. I'm sorry, but I don't think zombies would move as fast as they did in this film and when your muscles have rotted away how can you move your bones, MAGIC?
Otherwise this film is sound. It had a good'n'cheesy script, decent actors and a 4 million budget. The budget really shows in the zombie effects. They almost look real.

Notice any mistakes? Review

Strengths: Good zombie effects, Great gore. All around classic 80's horror.

Weaknesses? Could the dead really tackle people, after rigamortus.

Our rating: 8.5 out of 10

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Return of the Living Dead