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The Resurrection Cemetary is often purported to have been filmed at the Sylmar cemetary in Sylmar. In fact, it was filmed in Sylmar, but in an olive grove in someone's side yard. The tombstones, all of them were props. They hung spanish moss on all the trees as well. [Thanks to N.D. DiPirro]

I just visited Los Angeles, where I met with ROTLD's Beverly Randolph (Tina) and her husband, ROTLD Asst. Art Director Clayton Hartley. Clay took me around and showed me the building used for the exterior Uneeda Medical Supply, the exterior of the Resurrection Cemetery (which was a fake wall built in front of railroad tracks), and the Olive Grove in Sylmar used for the Resurrection Cemetery interior. The Olive Grove is posted No Trespassing, with a pending hearing on the land. I can only guess that they will be developing the land soon. [Thanks to N.D. DiPirro]

I also know that there were parts of the movie that were filmed in Louisville, Kentucky. I am not sure exactly where in Louisville, but during one of the first scenes that were shot when they friends are driving in the car and you can see the tall buildings in the back ground, that is Louisville, Kentucky. I would like to know where else the scenes were filmed? [Thanks to Meredith Moyer]

I live in the Louisville, Ky area and was a delivery driver in the area for many years. Many of the sites are in or around and area called 'Rubber Town' an the West end of Louisville. [Thanks to Christi Hart]

The Uneeda warehouse exteriors are located at 698 Moulton Ave, Los Angeles, California. Now a private dwelling. Where the cemetery gate and walls were as well. [Thanks to Ron]

Can you help? Do you know any of the S. California (or any other) filming locations used for Return of the Living Dead? [Please send them in]

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