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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1988 Comedy movie starring Tim Curry, Annie Potts, Bill Paxton et al.
Co-writer Joel Cohen (not to be confused with Joel *Coen*) also helped to write the 90s releases "Toy Story" and "Money Talks".
Anthony Geary (Stonewall) and Vance Colvig (Fritz) would be in another movie together... The following year's "UHF".
Contributed by: serena
John and Paul Cody (their stage names) operated a music show in Branson, Missouri called "The Stars of the Ozarks." This show lasted for quite a few years, until they sold the building to Jim Stafford.

Within a few weeks after viewing this movie (our family rented it), my brother had an interview as a guitarist for a theater in Branson. As it turns out, it was for John and Paul's show. He got the job and when they took him out for a congratulatory dinner, he then told them, "I've seen your movie, guys." They wouldn't believe him until he quoted a line from the movie (one I can't repeat here).

Within the last couple or three years, one of the Cody twins died. I think it was Paul, not sure.
Contributed by: serena
This movie was never released in theaters because just weeks before it was due to be released, the Jim and Tammy Faye scandal broke and since Annie Potts' character was quite spacey and wore tons of makeup, the producers thought it would be in poor taste to release it.

Guess they feared a lawsuit or something.
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