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The movie was filmed in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and the people in the "church" were locals.

City Auditorium in downtown Eureka springs, Ar. The Auditorium was completely reinvented for this set, both inside and out. Full facades were constructed complete with elaborate neon while the entire interior of the building was transformed into the tele-church as seen in the movie. Several scenes were also filmed outside this same building in the parking lot, specifically the scenes showing the National Guard set up around the building. [Thanks to Cris Dunnam]

There were a few scenes filmed in the old general store at Clifty, AR, which is a very small community between Eureka Spring and Fayetteville. At the time of the filming the store was actually what it looks like in the movie. Clifty is located about four miles down state highway 12 from highway 23 if you are traveling south from Eureka Springs. [Thanks to Mark Butler]

The "Pass the Ammo" movie location for the bar scene was "Billie's Bar" in Green Forest, Arkansas. It is about half an hour east of Eureka Springs, between Berryville and Harrison Arkansas. In real life the bar was not, and is not, as nice as it was in the movie. [Thanks to DD Epley]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Eureka Springs, Arkansas filming locations used for Pass The Ammo? [Please send them in]

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