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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1985 Comedy movie starring John Murray (II), Jennifer Tilly, James Keach et al.
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Director Neal Isreal's comedy heritige is assured. Among many, he was also the writer of "Real Genius" and "Police Academy" and writer/director of "Bachelor Party".
Contributed by: Gordon Benoit
Nedra Volz was also in "Different Strokes" the tv series, as the Housekeeper, after Charlotte Rae left to do "The Facts of Life".
Contributed by: Willie Dominguez
John Murray also had a small role in the movie Scrooged, which stared his big brother Bill.
Contributed by: Stephanie
The guy at the drive-through window talking to the line of empty cars whizzing by (which were pushed by the horror-film obsessed traffic school student) is none other than Don Cheadle (from the films "Traffic" & "Boogie Nights").
Contributed by: Rodney Powell
Clara Peller, the old woman driving on the runway of the airport, was well known in the 80's as the "Where's The Beef" lady.
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Clara Peller appeared in one other film during her career: "The Stuff", about a killer dessert similar to vanilla ice cream that oozes out of its container and suffocates those who would eat it.
Contributed by: Alex Areno
The other old lady in the car with Clara Peller is Nedra Volz, who (among other films in a long career) appeared as Big Ed in Lust in the Dust, one of the only non-John Waters movies that Divine ever starred in.
Contributed by: Phantom Planet
Actor John Murray is brother of comedy genius Bill Murray.
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The director, Neal Israel, cameos as the man sitting on the left on the bus bench during the puppeteer truck chase scene.
Contributed by: Nick Springsteen
Jennifer Tilly wasn't as well known as her sister Meg during the 80's, Meg was best known for "Big Chill" and "Agnes of God".
Contributed by: pork pie mcfly
During the scene when the students are watching the traffic video (Blood Flows Red On The Highway) one of the kids in the video is Brent Chalem who played Horace (Fat Kid) in Monster Squad.
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