Bachelor Party


One year before filming began, Bob Isreal, the producer and brother of Neal, had an actual bachelor party in advance of his marriage. At that party they hatched the idea and decided to make a comedy about a bachelor party. Gary Goldman, the actor who buys the hookers from the Indian pimp, was at Bob's bachelor party and was cast to play a version of himself in the film.

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Rick (Tom Hanks) is getting married. Even though her parents openly hate Rick, his girlfriend Debbie (Tawny Kitaen) is everything he has always wanted - funny, sexy, and tolerant of his friends. And it's his friends that are the problem. They are insisting on planning the biggest, wildest Batchelor Party ever seen. And Rick has to survive it....

Cue the most outrageous evening ever. The boys have to fight off Debbie's ex-boyfriend, who is determined to kill Rick (or at least break them up); Rick's future father-in-law is attending a seminar in the same hotel as the party; and the bridal shower has been seriously altered by the addition of a couple of hookers, leaving the girls somehow dressed as prostitutes and locked in a hotel room (same hotel, naturally) as a group of Japanese businesmen looking for fun.

Throw in more s*x, drugs, rock and roll, transve*tites, and a coked-up donkey, and the scene is set for more laughs than you could shake a stick at.

But how will the evening turn out when Rick and Debbie discover exactly what their loved one has been up to tonight?


Don't expect subtle here. It's full of sight-gags, jokes about rubbing body-parts together, and the worst elements of guys together. Hanks is basically playing himself, but it's interesting to watch how he manages this in a more adult-oriented movie. It works pretty well overall.

The best parts in the movie are the subplots surrounding the actions of his friends, her parents, and her demented ex-boyfriend. There is so much going on, there are not many moments when you will be laughing at something.

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Strengths: Completely over the top charicatures, carried off by some good (but not great) acting.

Weaknesses? It's a little far fetched, because my Batchelor Party was nothing like this (sob, sob.....)

Our rating: 8.5 out of 10

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Bachelor Party