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Yep, just yer average bachelor bash
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1984 Comedy movie starring Tom Hanks, Tawny Kitaen, Adrian Zmed et al.
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Bachelor Party was the idea of Bob & Neal Israel who wrote, directed and produced the movie for their production company, also called "Batchelor Party". They got the chance after the enourmous success of "Police Academy" which they wrote immediately before.
Contributed by: Dean
Robert Prescott did an outstanding job of playing the jerk as Cole Whittier in this movie and as Kent Torokvei in "Real Genius".
Contributed by: Smayt Gateford
Adrian Zmed, who played Tom Hank's photographer friend, Jay O'Neill, was also starring in the TV cop show T.J.Hooker with William Shatner around the time he made this movie. He played Hooker's partner Romano!
Contributed by: Sara
Adrian Zmed also played Johnny in Grease 2.
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Neal Israel played the Part of Mr. Russ in "Look Who's Talking" (1989).
Contributed by: Vince
The movie also starred Michael Dudikoff who is better known as the "American Ninja", which came out only a year after "Bachelor party".
Contributed by: David Evans
In the version of Bachelor Party that was released in Germany, the name of Chippendale's "star attraction" was changed to "Oodle the Noodle."
Contributed by: LoverswithCassie
That is co-scripter Pat Proft as the Screaming Man.
Contributed by: Billy Nyman
Bachelor Party grossed over $38m in North America.
Contributed by: Tyler Martinez
Tawny Kitaen is pictured on the cover of the "Ratt's Out Of The Cellar" album.
Contributed by: coandjsmommy
Tawny Kitaen is also seen in the movie "Witchboard".
Contributed by: Billy Nyman
George Grizzard, who played Tawny Kitaen's dad, played the lead role in Tennessee Williams' "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" when it premiered on Broadway (the role went to Paul Newman in the movie.)
Contributed by: Billy Nyman
Neal Isreal watched "Animal House" many times as an example of a successful 'gang' comedy and tried to emulate many aspects of it in Bachelor Party
Contributed by: Billy Nyman
Neal Isreal's last name was originally Palestine. He changed it to Isreal when it appeared he would pursue a career in show business.
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The dead donkey in the hotel elevator scene is a tribute/ripoff of the dead horse in the dean's office in Animal House.
Contributed by: Edwood
Tawny Kitaen the actress was in the Whitesnake videos [dancing & writhing on top of a white Jaguar XJ6] She was married to the lead singer of the band, David Coverdale, at the time. She later married Chuck Finley of the Anaheim Angels/Cleveland Indians/St. Louis Cardinals and had a kid... and she was busted for assaulting him! Finley filed for divorce in Orange County (CA) Superior Court against his wife just 3 days after she was arrested for allegedly hitting him.
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