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Film facts for the 1988 Dance / Music movie starring Michael Jackson, Joe Pesci, Sean Lennon More Cast

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Born in 1958, Michael Jackson was one of nine kids growing up in a small two-bedroom house in Gary, Indiana.
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Inside the Apollo Theater is the trunk of a tree which is said to bestow luck on anyone who touches it. In 1968, one by one as they went onstage, the Jacksons touched the tree, but little Michael ran back and touched it once more. Legend has it that second touch may have given him some extra magic he carries to this day.
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Michael Jackson is also a best-selling author and has writen an autobigraphy called "Moonwalker" and a book of poems and reflections called "Dancing The Dream". Both were number 1 New York Times best sellers.
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Moonwalker was made into a video game for Sega Genesis.
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Michael Jackson's main problem with his first acting job in "The Wiz" was his dancing-- it was too good. Although he'd never taken dance lessons in his life, he could pick up the choreography instantly. Finally, Diana Ross took him aside and asked him not to learn the dances quite so quickly. It seemed he was making the rest of the cast look bad.
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While in Africa, Michael was crowned King of Sani by the villiage of Krind Jaubo, on the Ivory Coast of West Africa.
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Michael starred in a short 3-D film called "Captain EO", playing an intergalactic traveler with a crew of "Star Wars" type puppets. The film played at Disneyland and continues to play at Disney World in a theater built especially for it.
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Michael won a grammy for his work on "E.T.", a children's album telling the story of E.T the extra terrestrial.
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The day after his performance for Motowns 25th anniversary, Michael received a congratulatory call from Fred Astaire. The legendary dancer had enjoyed Michael's performance so much that he had taped it.
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Besides appearing as an animated character on the Saturday morning TV show "The Jackson 5", Michael was a claymation raisin for the California Raisin Campaign and the voice of a character on the prime time cartoon show "The Simpsons".
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The bad guys name in Moonwalker is "Frank Lideo". One of the films executive producers is Frank Dileo, Michael Jackson's long time manager.
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The vehicle that Michael Jackson turns into during the "Smooth Criminal" segment is a 1970 Bertone Stratos Zero.
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One of the 3 children who were Michael's friends in the movie is none other than future musician Sean Lennon, son of musicians/activists Yoko Ono, and John Lennon of the Beatles.
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The little boy "Zeke" was played by Brandon Quintin Adams, who went on to co-star in the Walt Disney "Mighty Ducks" movies.
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One of the dancers in the movie is Cory Tyler. He is the son of Willie Tyler of Willie & Lester fame (Laugh-In cast member). Cory is also known as Terrance Taylor from A Different World and Herbert from Beverly Hills 90210. He still acts today and teaches in dance studio in California. Another dancer was Brandon Q. Adams. He is best known as Fool from the Wes Craven movie People Under the Stairs. He has appeared in The Mighty Ducks and Sand Lot movies. He gave up acting following the death of his friend, Merlin Santana. It was believed he was in the car when Merlin was shot right next to him.
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Also making an appearance in "Badder" is a very young Nikki Cox, who would achieve fame in the 90s as the voluptuous young daughter on one of The WB's first sitcoms "Unhappily Ever After". She met her future love Bobcat Goldthwait on the set of that show. It all loops back to the 80s.

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There's often fake stuff floating round, y'know? -Like the 'ghost boy' that can allegedly be seen in "Three Men And A Baby".

But, nothing bogus that we know yet for "MoonWalker".
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