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MoonWalker Soundtrack


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MoonWalker featured the following songs:

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What can I say about Michaels music that hasn't already been said. Its spectacular!!! Most of the music in this film is from Michael's albums "BAD", "Thriller" and "Off The Wall" although there are a lot of tracks from his earlier days with the Jackson 5 also.

By the way, "BAD", along with the rest of his older albums, have been recently digitally remasterd with never before heard interviews AND new songs! So go out there and support Michael today!!Update Us

Song Trivia

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Michael's album "Thriller" has sold 50 million copies and counting, far more then any other album in history.
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While the Jackson 5's "Christmas Album" was an annual hit for 3 years in a row, the Jackson's did not celebrate Christmas. As Jehovas Witnesses, they did not celebrate holidays or birthdays.
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Michael Jackson was the first black artist to appear on MTV. Before MTV aired "Billie Jean", it's executives didn't feel that music by a black artist could be popular enough to justify airtime.
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"Muscles", a song Michael wrote and produced for Diana Ross, was actually named for his pet snake.
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"Billie Jean" may have been written about an obsessive fan who insisted that Michael fathered her child (Eventually, she was commited to a psychiatric hospital) -Although during a 1996 interview with VH1, Michael insisted that the song had to do with the female fans of his brothers. He went on to say that the song was about groupies in general.
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Paul McCartney performed with Michael on the album "Thriller" singing "The Girl Is Mine". Michael retuned the favor by singing "Say Say Say" and "The Man" with Paul on his album "Pipes Of Peace".
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In the Badder sequence, old school R&B fans may recognise the brothers who comprised the group 'The Boys' who's hits included "Dial My Heart", "Lucky Star", "Crazy" and "A Little Romance"
Thanks to Michael Edwards
The song "Leave Me Alone" is not about the media pestering him. The song is about a woman who did Michael wrong. You can easily tell this thru lyrics like: "There was a time I used to say girl I need you. But who is sorry now? You really hurt me you used to take and deceive me. Now who is sorry now?" "Dime after dime I gave you all of my money, no excuses to make. Ain't no mountain that I can't climb baby. All is going my way." Now the video, on the other hand, IS about the media pestering him. He used this song in particular because of the title. Which leads me to my next point. The author of this summary says there is a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor in the video. This is not entirely true. Yes it's true in the video there is a room chock full of memorabilia of Elizabeth Taylor, but this is because that there were rumors circulating that Michael had a shrine of Elizabeth Taylor in his Encino home. Michael denied these rumors and put this "shrine" in his video in addition to all the other rumors that have been said about him (Buying The Elephant Man's bones, sleeping in a hyper-baric chamber). So I just wanted to clear that up.
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'Come Together' was performed on the first leg of the HIStory Tour. It was also released on side B to Remember The Time and it was first seen in Moonwalker.

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Bruce Broughton


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Critically acclaimed and award-winning composer, Bruce Broughton, wrote a heavy, stirring action score for Moonwalker, which accentuated the drama of Michael's own original music.

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