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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1988 Dance / Music movie starring Michael Jackson, Joe Pesci, Sean Lennon et al.
Contributed by: mnl82394
In the ending where Michael Jackson sings Come Together, there is a point where it shows Michael and his shirt is ripped then it goes to another shot where its not ripped then back to ripped again.
When Michael is taking off the rabbit costume, he pulls down the pants and he has no gloves on, although the next thing you see him take off are the gloves.

When he takes off the mask, the gloves are back on. He also has no tape around his fingers when he's taking off the costume, but he has it on when he has the dance-off with Spike (the rabbit, come-to-life), although it is on his fingers when he puts the mask with the other clothes.
In Speed Demon when Michael first comes out of the steam, he has his hair down. But when Michael is hiding behind the statue of liberty, his hair is pulled half way up.
In Speed Demon at the end when Michael is dancing with Spike, Michael has no white rope hanging off of his pants. But earlier when he was running, he had the white rope tied to his pants.
In Speed Demon at the end when Michael is dancing with Spike, Michael has more buckles on his pants then he did earlier in the video and his pants are tighter (if that is even possible!).
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