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The Legend of Billie Jean Trivia

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Billie Jean, Binx and the treasured scooter
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1985 Drama movie starring Helen Slater, Keith Gordon, Christian Slater et al.
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Writer/Director Matthew Robbins is a longtime friend and collaborator of Stephen Spielberg, having helped write and had cameos in a number of his movies.
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The 'look' adopted by the Filmakers for Helen Slater's character proved to be very influential throughout the rest of the 80's.
Contributed by: Jill
Yeardley Smith does the voice of Lisa Simpson on "The Simpsons".
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This was Christian Slater's first feature film. It grossed $3.1 million at the box-office, unbelievably making more money than his star-making film "Heathers".
Contributed by: Janene_machine
Keith Gordon (who plays the kid they "kidnap") started as an actor in movies like the Stephen King classic "Christine", but is largely recognized now as a director. Some of his films include the fantastic 1988 political drama "The Chocolate War" (with Wierd Science's Illan-Mitchell Smith) and 1991 military drama called "A Midnight Clear" (with Ethan Hawke).
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The movie was originally rated R for language, but it was changed to PG-13 on appeal.
Contributed by: Peter Baldinger
Helen Slater is not related to Christian Slater (her real name is Helen Schlacter), just in case you wondered.
Contributed by: Nate
Keith Gordon was also in John Carpenter's "Christine".
Contributed by: Eric Garcia
The C-101 dj's name was Matt "The Cat"! he was a real dj in Corpus Christi.
Contributed by: Tawnya
Keith Gordon (Lloyd, who gets kidnapped) also played in "Back to School" (1986) as Rodney Dangerfield's son, Jason Melon.
Contributed by: Mike
Kathryn Childers, who played the news anchor, really was a TV news reporter for several years in Corpus Christi.
Contributed by: Jon
At her concerts, Pat Benatar openly mocks "The Legend of Billie Jean" usually right before she goes into Invincible.
Contributed by: Dan Hockaday
John Murice Jackson, best known for playing Rear Admiral A. J. Chegwidden on the CBS series JAG.

He also played an abusive male father figure. While Billie Jean is sitting in their car some young boys come up and ask if she is Billie Jean and can she help save their friend. One of the last adult males she had to deal with before the wrap up of the movie.
Contributed by: April
In the movie they have several scenes where the radio is on C-101. That is a real radio station there, one of the oldest to Corpus, we still have it and the dj in the movie, was I believe, one of the real djs on that station at the time.
The Legend of Billie Jean