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The Legend of Billie Jean Behind The Scenes

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Go behind the scenes and learn what went on during the making of the 1985 Drama movie starring Helen Slater, Keith Gordon, Christian Slater et al.
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Originally, there were going to be 12 'Billie-Jean Girls', a plot development that changed considerably as filming progressed. All twelve had their hair cut extremely short (near shaved!) and if not blonde already, bleached out pretty light! They also had some really severe and colorful eye makeup with a lot of glitter and such. Very bizarre looking! They also all had about a 6-inch blond braid & beads ponytail extension added. The whole effect was kind of wierd looking. After all this was 'set', Helen Slater decided she did not like the look and refused to cut her hair that short or to wear the goofy makeup or hair extensions. So, you will see a lot of the girls in the movie with hair WAY shorter than Helen Slaters!
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The movie was filmed in the winter and boy was it cold! They had blankets and a couple of space heaters set up for the 'summer' beach scenes, but they didn't really put out much heat.
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Originally, the movie was set in Corpus Christi. Near the beginning of filming, the producers decided that the movie was going to take place in an undisclosed Texas 'coastal' community, so all references to Corpus Christi were removed from the script! Late during the shoot, they reversed their decision and decided that Corpus would indeed be the city named.
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Funny thing, they could not get that dumb 'Billie Jean' statue to burn because it was real cold and wet that night. After a few hours, they covered the whole thing in rubber cement (which burns very well), and then they couldn't get it out! The fake gas-jets they used to make the tables look like they were burning were extremely fake looking, and it shows up terribly in the film. No one would ever believe that anything on those tables was on fire.
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Allegedly, Helen Slater was a pretty temperamental girl, kind of impatient and prone to snapping at people. During the scene when she was chasing the ambulance with Binx inside, the driver drove away too fast and she couldn't keep up well enough so she just stopped short right in the middle of the street, stamping her feet in disgust. The crowd of extras running full speed right behind her couldn't stop in time and plowed into her, knocking her over. Everybody started to laugh and she stormed off to her tent. (they didn't have any trailers for her).
Contributed by: Kit Sullivan For Memories Above Of The Shooting
Interestingly, the trailers that were all painted as 'Team Banzai' in the 'Buckaroo Banzai' film were used here as actual film-crew trailers.
Contributed by: Laura
Christian Slater (Binx) allegedly broke down in tears on the set after donning a dress, blond wig and make-up as he feared that people would think he was a cross dresser or worse.
Contributed by: Cliff Lawson
I once read an interview with Christian Slater where he said that he had a huge crush on Helen Slater during the filming and he lost his virginity, during filming, with an extra.
Contributed by: Nicole
I was a extra in this movie and I remember it took quite a few takes for the scene when they were going up the escalator in sunrise mall. The one take I remember the most is when Helen Slater missed and overshot the rail and ended up in the waterfall, she promptly got up and stomped off the scene mumbling to herself and it took another 2 hours before we shot again.
Contributed by: Alan Wood
My sister, Bonnie Reus, was the stunt woman in the film. She doesn't have any credits in the film. She is the one that drives the blue station wagon as a stunt double for the co-star. My sisters name is Bonnie Reus and although no one but Bonnie was aware of it, she was 2 or 3 months pregnant at the time.
Contributed by: melody
My brother was a stunt double for Christian Slater, even tho his name was never mentioned in the credits. He was in the back of the station wagon.
Contributed by: jeremy court
My uncle (DAVID COLE) was a stunt double for Christian Slater in the car chase scene. He was also in a street scene before that and has no acknowledgement of his name in the movie. He just want to be noticed for his 15 minutes of FAME!
Contributed by: jenlybeau
The road the ambulance and people chasing it are on actually does not lead from the beach to the store.
Contributed by: Nick
The original/working title of the film was "Fair is fair"
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The Legend of Billie Jean