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Film facts for the 1981 Horror / Occult movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Lance Guest More Cast

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A small controversy surrounded the film after its release. Richard Delmer Boyer, of Fullerton, CA, murdered an elderly couple while on drugs. In court, he claimed that the drugs caused him to flashback to HALLOWEEN II, and thus commit the murder. It became known around Fullerton as the "HALLOWEEN II" murders, according to TNT Monstervision host Joe Bob Briggs.
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Dana Carvey made his film debut in "Halloween II". No joke. From Halloween extra to Turtle man in 20 short years.
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The beautiful Ana Alicia who portrayes the Nurse Janet Marshall, later became one of the 80's most notorious prime time icons when she portrayed the conniving, often promiscuous Melissa Agretti on the famous prime time drama, "Falcon Crest".
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The actress who played Nurse Marion, Nancy Stephens, married Rick Rosenthal, the director of Halloween II.
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Kyle Richards, who plays little Lindsay Wallace, is the aunt of Paris and Nicky Hilton.
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Lance Guest went on to star in 1984's "The Last Starfighter" and joined the cast of television's best night-time 80's soap opera, "Knots Landing".
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New film footage made its way into various versions of the first Halloween movie that was shot during the filming of the second film to introduce the "mystery" of Lauri as Michael's sister.
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This is the only Halloween film to end with the morning after Halloween day...every other one ends with Halloween night.
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Tony Moran who played Michael Meyers in this movie and in the first Halloween (1978) is the brother of Erin Moran (of Happy Days).
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The Haddonfield Medical Examiner that inspects the burned corpse of Ben Tramer is played by Jeffrey Kramer. Kramer also played Deputy Hendricks in 'Jaws' and was the first to discover the chewed up remains of Chrissy, the shark's first victim. Lesson: If you are visting or residing in a small town where Jeffrey Kramer serves in any kind of public service role, pack up and go somewhere else.
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Obviously, the director, Rick Rosenthal, wanted to get a little gross with us in this movie... You can tell with the "blood shots", the face peeling off, the kid with the bloody face and hurt tooth. Then there is the scene where Loomis tells the sherrif that he shot Michael 6 times in front of the news crew....
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The director pays homage to Halloween 2 (The guy slipping in the blood) when he directed Halloween ressurection ...
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The Ben Tramer character is mentioned in Halloween I as the boy Laurie wants to date. Apparently, even KNOWING Laurie Strode is bad for one's health. In all seriousness, this supports the theory that Laurie changed her name not only to protect herself and her family, but everyone associated with her in any way. At least it worked for a while.
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I wonder how much money the Tramer family won in their suit against Loomis and Haddonfield PD for chasing their son into the street? Furthermore, I think it's safe to assume that Smith's Grove would be bankrupt and abandoned after all the lawsuits pertaining to Michael's escape and subsequent murder spree. Sequel fodder, anyone??
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The children that Laurie was babysitting in the first film show up briefly during the recap of the first film, but are not seen again in this film. The little boy, Tommy Doyle, all grown up, returns as one of the characters in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, where he's played by Paul Rudd. Rudd appeared in 1995's Clueless and story arc on television's wildly successful "Friends", as well as this years Reno911!:Miami as the Cuban drug lord.
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The brother - sister relationship between killer and killee is ultimately adopted by the 1990's "Scream" film series in its final chapter, Scream 3, which, interestingly enough, manages to tie that concept into Luke and Leia's relationship revelation in 1983's Return of the Jedi.

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The man who plays Mike Myers actually appears in the hit movie "Dumb and Dumberer" with Jim Carey. Mike Myers is in the scene where Jim Carey is having a dream, gets in a fight with Mr. pony tail man and Jim bites him.
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