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Despite coming from opposite sides of the tracks, love quickly blossoms.
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1984 Teen Drama movie starring Matt Dillon, Richard Crenna, Hector Elizondo et al.
Contributed by: Ed Kotarski
Actor John Turturro plays Ted from Pinky's.
Contributed by: Christine
The black friend of Jeffrey's - on his way to Notre Dame, on a basketball scholarship, is the actor Leon.
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Garry marshall considers actor Hector Elizondo to be a "lucky charm" in his movies. Ever since they first met in the early 80's, Hector has appeared in every single one of Marshall's movies and plays Dillon's father in Flamingo Kid.
Contributed by: LoverswithCassie
While testing his remote control television in one scene with Matt Dillon, Richard Crenna catches a glimpse of himself with Walter Brennan in the TV situation comedy "The Real McCoys."
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Bronson Pinchot from "Beverly Hills Cop" and "Risky Business" plays a small role as 'Alfred'.
Contributed by: Patrick Fogerty
Janet Jones, Matt Dillon's upper-crusty love interest in the film is, in real life, married to hockey sensation Wayne Gretzky.
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Carole Davis who played Roxy in "Mannequin" also plays a small role as Joyce, the snobby daughter of the Brody's.
Contributed by: Hershel Goulson
Marisa Tomei made her film debut in this movie! She plays Mandy, one of the bikini-clad girls who watches the card games near the beach. She is in at least one of those card game scenes, and utters only one line ("You're so drunk!") in the movie.
Contributed by: Janene_machine
Brian Macnamara (Steve) and Fisher Stevens (Hawk) have appeared in 3 other movies together: "Short Circuit", When the Party's Over, and Mystery Date.
Contributed by: Tom Buccione
Jessica Walter who plays Phil Brody's wife also is the head of ISIS and mother to Sterling Archer in the animated series "ARCHER' on FX cable TV.
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