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The Flamingo Kid Behind The Scenes

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"The King" takes Jeffrey under his wing...
Go behind the scenes and learn what went on during the making of the 1984 Teen Drama movie starring Matt Dillon, Richard Crenna, Hector Elizondo et al.
Contributed by: Ralph Garcia
The lead was originally to be played by Matthew Broderick. He dropped out and the whole part had to be re-written to fit Matt Dillon's acting style and personality difference. The Broderick character was very different.
Contributed by: Ed Tirakian
The original name of the movie that was being considered during the filming was actually 'Sweet Ginger Brown' in reference to the Gin Rummy games featured in the movie. Obviously, this was changed prior to release. But a lot of the pre-production materials and local news reports of the filming of the movie at the time referenced this earlier title.
Contributed by: Nicole
"The Flamingo Kid" was filmed at The Silver Gull Beach Club in Rockaway, New York.
Contributed by: Rick
The Adventure's Inn featured in the Flamingo Kid was located in Flushing, New York just off of the Bronx-Whitestone Expressway at Linden Place. It was originally part of an Amusement Park that closed in the mid 70's. The restaurant and arcade remained open until the early 80's. A large multiplex movie theatre and a Toys 'R us now take it's place!!!!!!!!!
Deleted Scenes
When movies are made, scenes are often left on the cutting room floor.
Alternate Versions
Sometimes, there will be several versions of a movie floating about on cable, tv or video etc. Other times, a Director may release a special cut of the movie.
The Flamingo Kid